Episode 1 of the Missing Witches Podcast Launched on the Full Moon of the Autumn Equinox, Sunday Sept 23, 2018. Season 1 finished on Halloween, and Season 2 is coming out Ostara 2019. Listen to Season 1 below and please Rate, Review and Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.

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Episode 2 of the Missing Witches Podcast is our first Witches Found, featuring a chat with a Tarot Reader, Reeta!

Episode 3 of the Missing Witches podacst is dedicated to Indian Wiccan Warrior, Ipsita Roy Chakravaerti.

Episode 4 is another Witches Found where we speak to Ayurvedic practitioner, Beisha, about self care!

Episode 5 is a psychedelic trip through the mountains of Mexico where we find Maria Sabina and her magic mushrooms. Through the story and songs of this curandera and poet, we explore the interplay of soul and brain, nature, language and healing.

Episode 6 Witches Found – Spirit With Annie – Amy speaks to Indigenous Healer and Medicine Woman Annie Lamoureux about the tools she uses to connect to the Great Spirit.

Episode 7 is a deep dive into the divine feminine with painter, author, activist, witch, Monica Sjöö.

Episode 8 is the first of a two-parter with performer and activist, Phoenix. S/he and Amy talk about racial and sexual politics and how Witchcraft and Activism are one.

Episode 9 is a story of power, resilience and care and magic – we go back to the beginning of all consciousness to follow the genesis of voodou through dreams and under water, in Spirits, in Haiti and in Mama Lola, famed Voodu Priestess of Brooklyn.

Episode 10 is part 2 of our chat with performer, healer, activist and self-proclaimed ‘flawed goddess’ Phoenix!!

In episode 11, we strap on our VR goggles and take a look at both kinds of virtual reality – the one you make with technology, and the one you make with magic. By the keystrokes of visionary techno-pagan and software pioneer, Brenda Laurel, we learn to bridge the gap between computer, theatre, nature, and reality.

In Episode 12, Witches Found, the Halloween special and finale of Season 1, Amy and Risa get together with Reeta and Phoenix to talk about Birth, Life, Death, and shout out the witches they’ve found online!