Missing Witches – Pixie Colman Smith: Look for the Door Into The Unknown Country.

Welcome to The Missing Witches Podcast, where we tell stories of badass women who have practiced magic.

In this podcast we go looking for the witches we’ve been missing – we is myself, Risa Dickens, and my co-producer and sound designer Amy Torok. This is a feminist history storytelling podcast where we try to fill gaps in our mental maps of what a witch is and where are they and what have they been doing? It’ll necessarily be a mix of history, gossip and maybe some magic to fill in the blanks. Our focus is stretching our perspective to find witches from all cultures and colours. Our goals are to learn something, to do justice to people we admire, and if we can, give love, research, curiosity, respect and voice to some witches who’ve stories we’ve been missing.

With that in mind, we want to start with a witch whose identity and contributions have been multiply erased, but whose work guides the mind and practices of pretty much everyone who touches anything remotely mystic: the maybe-mixed race, probably queer woman artist behind the world’s most famous tarot deck, Pamela Colman Smith.


Pixie Colman Smith
Pamela Colman Smith
Chromatic Fantasy Bach by Pamela Colman Smith

General Show Note:

We took clips for our theme song from this Scottish Witchcraft Documentary – ‘The Witch You Know – with permission from the film maker Eleonore Dambre.


Pamela Colman Smith Resources:




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