Witches Found Goddess

In this first of a two part interview, Amy talks to performer and activist, Phoenix, about goddess worship, the power of women, the power of protest, and of course, the power of magic.

Phoenix Inana

Online Resources From This Episode with performer and activist, Phoenix:

@sickamour is Phoenix’s instagram

Phoenix Inana is Phoenix’s Facebook

Glamgam.com is Phoenix’s cabaret-vaudeville collective.

Witches she follows: @labannababalon @hoebarf @domonique_echeverria @monster_femme @thewombalalchemy




Here are links to stuff that came up in our chat:


Lucas Charlie Rose:  https://www.lucascharlierose.com/

Catrice Jackson:  http://www.catriceology.com/

EarthBound Wrestling: https://www.earthboundwrestling.com/about