Missing Witches: Doreen Valiente – All Acts Of Love And Pleasure Are My Rituals

Doreen Valiente, the Mother of Modern Witchcraft, the spy who worshipped the moon and never quite came in from the cold, the sharp researcher who spotted forgeries and accidentally helped create a religion though she thought organized religion was a curse to humanity, and wrote beautiful books of poems and spells about how to draw down the moon, and how to find your own magic alone with the trees.

Doreen was a high priestess working closely with men whose names would come to be famously associated with Wicca: Gardenerian Wicca, Cochrane’s Craft. Then there’s tall, nerdy, humble, badass Doreen. In the middle of a bunch of middle aged, oddly Conservative nudists with their magical rule books, copy pasting Crowleyisms onto Co-Masonry and Golden Dawn stuff and claiming they descend from a secret hereditary coven there’s Doreen. She’d gather and organize and excise, and write spells that offer solace and magic to hundreds of thousands of people still today.

Doreen Valiente, Witch 2016 Philip Heselton, Published by the Doreen Valiente Foundation.