Missing Witches: Paula de Eguiluz – Come to Aleluya

This is a story about a woman born into slavery who became one of the most powerful healers in the hot mad cruel town of Cartagena de Indias in 17th Century colonial Colombia. A woman who was tried 3 times for witchcraft and survived, still imprisoned, while the bishop himself paid her for her services. This is a story about Paula de Eguiluz, who went by the nickname Aleluya and I want to call her that because I want to call all these witches, and all of your out there, by the names you choose. And I want to call her a patron saint of surviving, and fucking thriving against the odds, even though the odds are stacked against you again and again. Patron Saint Aleluya of learning the game and playing it better than them, and escaping with your life while the people who hunted you pay you for your services, thank you very much. And Aleluya.

Colombia Cartagena, 1600s

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