EP 52 Witches Found Pink Moon 2020 with Marisa De La Peña, Jason Sikoak, Michelle Beausejour and Phoenix Inana: Cultural Appropriation

I asked each of the guests to send me a pic that they feel represents them. Here’s what they sent:

Marisa de la Peña


Marisa’s Harper Collins author page

Marisa on Instagram

Michelle Beausejour

Photo Credit: Cory Hunli

Our previous conversation on the podcast.

The Birch Trail on Facebook and Instagram

Jason Sikoak

Photo by staff photographer at Concordia University, Montreal


Sacrilege (2015) On display at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

Jason on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Phoenix Inana

Phoenix says: Photo credit to my Ancestors

Phoenix on Instagram


Decolonization is not a metaphor – Essay by Eve Tuck and K. Wayne Yang

Indigenous ally TOOLKIT



Clockwise from top left: Amy, Michelle, Marisa, Jason, Phoenix