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Our Missing Witches book is now available.

Featured in:

Vice: “The Best Books for Starting an Occult Library”

Bust: “Dickens and Torok teach us what it means to create art, engage in activism, and exist at the intersection of witchcraft and feminism.”

From the publisher:

“A guide to invocations, rituals, and histories at the intersection of magic and feminism, as informed by history’s witches–and the sociopolitical culture that gave rise to them.

When you start looking for witches, you find them everywhere. As seekers and practitioners reclaim and restore magic to its rightful place among powerful forces for social, personal, and political transformation, more people than ever are claiming the identity of “Witch.” But our knowledge of witchcraft and magic has been marred by erasure, sensationalism, and sterilization, the true stories of history’s witches left untold.”

Praise for Missing Witches:

“Amy and Risa are the Witches I was missing! Join them and discover powerfully creative yet complicated Witches, whose storied tales were almost lost to time.”
—Jinkx Monsoon, drag artist and winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race

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