EP 74 Full Moon with Saleema Nawaz: Songs For The End Of The World

Risa talks with Saleema Nawaz, author of the weirdly prophetic and deeply lovely and hopeful Songs for the End of the World about coming out as a witch in our teens, tapping into the vast ocean of inspiration, living in a world you spent years imagining, and writing (and magic) as an encounter with fear.

“Astounding. . . . The book is surprisingly reassuring. If someone could have imagined what we’re going through in such vivid details, it somehow makes the situation less scary, less predictable, more knowable.” — The Globe and Mail

“In these dark days, Saleema Nawaz dares to write of hope. Songs for the End of the World is a loving, vivid, tenderly felt novel about men, women, and a possible apocalypse. I couldn’t put it down.” — Sean Michaels, author of Us Conductors and The Wagers.