EP 76 WF: MOON MAGIC w/Sarah Faith Gottesdiener aka GOTTESS

“Lunar living is in direct opposition to capitalism and linear time.”

In this episode, Risa chats with Sarah Faith Gottesdiener aka GOTTESS about her authorship of the beautiful ‘The Moon Book’ and how she came to moon magic – we begin to put ideas in the cauldron of the big question: What is the role of magic in our world, right now?

Find Sarah on Instagram: ?Artist ⚪️ Designer ⚪️ Psychic ? Modern Women ? Many Moons ⚪️ Author of the Moon Book ?Tarot Reader ? ⚪️ linktr.ee/gottesss

Find Sarah’s art and books and projects and subscribe to her thoughtful newsletter at:https://modernwomenprojects.com/

The Moon Is Feminist Art