EP 77 Imbolc 2021: Astrology w/ Monefa Walker + Eliza Robertson

For this year’s Imbolc Special, we reached for the stars and invited astrologers Monefa Walker from Sekhmet’s Visions and Eliza Robertson from Kosmic Tonic to help us understand how the movements of the planets inform our lives. Monefa revisits her predictions for 2020, gives us some new ones for 2021, shares some Imbolc Shadow Work and reminds us that we are infinite beings inside a human experience; our souls are knowledgeable. Eliza shares her Imbolc ritual for Brigid and makes a fascinating and inspiring comparison between the astrology of Monica Sjoo’s protest event, and the event at which Missing Witches appeared in her honour!!!

Top right: Eliza, Bottom Left: Monefa

You can get in touch with Monefa via her YouTube page or by email: sekmetsvision@gmail.com

Monefa mentioned (and recommends) the book “Man and His Symbols” by Carl Jung

A piece Monefa mentioned that she wrote for BadWitch.es

You can get in touch with Eliza via her website http://www.elizarobertson.com/

Or on the Kosmic Tonic website!

Amy on the Kosmic Tonic Podcast