EP 90 MW Scott Cunningham – There Can Be No Monopoly On Wisdom

This one goes out to the queer, and to the lonely.

For so many of us who deviated down the occult aisles, Scott Cunningham was our first. We likely didn’t know he was gay, that wasn’t part of what he shared, but he made this other crucial choice that opened a magic and unexpected door to a way of relating to the living world, to ourselves, and to magic. And then he lived the craft and labour of that choice with incredibly generous dedication. He left 22 books in his 36 years, before he crossed to the summerland in 1990, taken by AIDS-related cryptococcal meningitis.

The crux of the change he made, a change that unleashed ideas and philosophies and practices of nature-based spirituality on white North America and ushered in the most popularity Wicca and witchcraft had ever seen, was that he validated and empowered the lonely…

This episode was produced with research support from the incomparable Amy Townes Booth.

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