WF LITHA 2021 Earth Bound Futures: QUEER The Heroes Journey and Find Your Inner Ally

For solstice and as a celebration of STRENGTH this Litha, we spoke with Tanya and Skye of Earthbound Futures.

It took me forever to edit because I kept writing down astonishing things they said. We spoke of wrestling and facial hair and radical self acceptance and chronic pain in our bodies and in the larger body that is the earth. These witches bring radical vulnerability and self-acceptance to the work of becoming the elders, the QUEER elders, that we all need. As we become these healing roots and branches, we reach out to the future, and we heal ourselves, and we also sending healing to all our branching, wounded, wounding generations in the past.

We share this episode with you along with a Solstice Ritual these witches crafted for us, and we hope you’ll close your eyes and taste the desserts of each others ancestors on your tongues as we bring the radical sweetness of coming home to our true bodies to the altar of this Solstice Party.

From the Earthbound Futures episode:

Self love and acceptance takes AS MUCH energy as a physical workout.

When I do not connect and I do not carve out ritual space and time, then my symptoms are worse.

Something I am learning from disability justice advocates is that there’s no healing for me if there’s not healing for the larger systems in the world… That’s the queering of the hero’s journey for me: I don’t want to fight something. I want to get together with other people and creatively destroy the systems and the structures that are keeping the world inaccessible and keeping us sick and making us sick.

I feel like I’m trying to get in touch with a body that society has tried to make me dissociate from in so many ways. Growing a beard at 11 was so confusing. It was such a big secret, a secret that I’ve been holding on to, I was 32 when I started growing my beard and when I did that I feel like I unlocked all my queer ancestors. Be who you are. Smash that binary. I’m a bearded woman, I embody both energies.


– getting emotions out of your body –

is alchemy.

It’s where the real power lies.