EP 102 WF Zoe Flowers – You SHOULD Be Afraid Of Women Like Us

The title of this episode comes from Zoe Flowers’ epic praise poem: “In Praise of the Wytch.”

She also talks with such openness and generosity about her history with magic and the different spiritual paths that led her to Hoodoo, advice for coming out of the broom closet while keeping yourself safe, and how she brings her craft into her healing and equity work.

Zoe Flowers by Robyn Twomey.

Zoe references:

Catherine Ponder


Dr. G. Love


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Website www.iamzoeflowers.com  

Linkree https://linktr.ee/iamzoeflowers

Youtube – TheMagickHourZ

Facebook – Tit2ba Productions

Instagram – IAMZOEFLOWERS / themagickhourz


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From Ashes to Angels Dust: A. Journey Through Womanhood @ https://amzn.to/3aMX5GF

In Praise of The Wytch @ https://amzn.to/3sq2vgu

Free E-Book! Five Reasons You’re Stuck https://mailchi.mp/80852aa8e787/getunstuck