EP 109 Samhain Circle – Look For The Door Into The Unknown Country

In this time of death and transformation, we invite you to step into a virtual circle with leading science witches, art witches, death witches, feminist and activist collaborators. Bring your own ideas, questions, and intentions to sit in circle with the mycelium, lactobacillus, bees, songs, stories, and other spirits that these practitioners work with.

Together we explore foundational Tarot artist Pixie Coleman Smith’s invitation to “Look for the door into the unknown country,” and share Pixie’s story as told in the Samhain chapter of the Missing Witches book, Reclaiming True Histories of Feminist Magic.

About our guests

WhiteFeather Hunter is a multiple award-winning Canadian artist and scholar. Hunter’s practice intersects technofeminist witchcraft and biotechnologies with performance, new media, and textiles.

Carol Padberg is an interdisciplinary artist, herbalist, writer, and the founding director of the Nomad MFA (nomadmfa.org). She is part of an interspecies studio which includes fungi, sheep, bees, dye plants, herbs, and bees. 

Angela Alberto is The Heart Wise Woman and Death Midwife. Her Death midwifery provides detailed ancient knowledge, a remembrance of what we once knew. 

Becky Lyon is an English x Jamaican researcher from and living in London. Her practice explores how art research can help illuminate the animacy of the more-than-human world.