EP 118 WF: Michelle Pajak-Reynolds – A Stone Has Power If You Decide It Has Power

Michelle takes us into the heart of gem craft, history, lore, and practice from her own perspective as a jeweler Witch digging deep into the ethics of her craft in order to answer her daughter’s question: where does this come from?

“There is a sacredness to creating jewelry that looks like the world inside my heart, my soul, and my dreams. Working with my raw materials, gemstones and precious metals, I create jewelry as personal symbols and story keepers for you to wear and pass down for generations.”

Michelle Pajak-Reynolds became a licensed Fairmined gold jewelry designer in 2018.

Fairmined gold supports artisanal small-scale miners around the world. Fairmined certification, through the Alliance for Responsible Mining, enforces strict standards for mining practices including ethical and sustainable methods protecting the health and well-being of the miners and the environment.

Michelle’s sterling silver jewelry designs feature the highest quality 100% recycled sterling silver sourced from United States based suppliers.

Ever curious about the mining process and committed to intensely researching the raw materials for her jewelry, Michelle began mining the gemstones for her designs in 2019. Her Mira collection (and all forthcoming collections) feature ethically sourced gemstones that are traceable to the mine (whenever possible) and country of origin.

Michelle is also a member of Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America (MJSA) and proudly abides by their code of ethics and standards.


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