EP 119 WF Veronica Varlow: Sometimes The World Will Trick You And You Think You Are Alone

“The remarkable Veronica Varlow seizes life with both hands and bends it to her will. Learn from her.” —Neil Gaiman And we got to! Spending time with Veronica is so special, as one of our coven-mates said during this conversation: “I love you even more than I thought I was going to!”

In this episode, Veronica shares personal magic, stories of weaving the great spell of her life and of writing her sumptuous book Bohemian Magick, and her enormous gratitude for the experience of finding other magic weavers out there, lighthouses in dark times. There is a story of truly unexpected synchronous magic, we all develop girl crushes on each other and unsurprisingly, everybody cries.

In Bohemian Magick, Veronica Varlow, the last daughter in a line of Bohemian witches, weaves together witchcraft knowledge and ancient secret spells with an exotic rock-and-roll magick style that has earned her a devoted following worldwide. This beguiling grimoire-style guide is filled with potent, never-before-revealed spells, hand-written rituals, magick ephemera, hand-drawn sigils, potions, charms, and rhyming incantations that will call your power back to you and electrify your life!

With more than 150 illustrations—drawings, photography, and vintage art—and text written in her own hand, this sumptuous companion is brimming with spells for everlasting confidence, radiant self-love, healing, manifesting your dreams, and love with a desired partner. Veronica calls upon the ancient and hidden Czech-Romani magic passed down to from her grandmother Helen’s lineage and infuses it with her own signature sorcery to help you awaken and amplify your truest self. Each spell that you cast, each potion that you brew, and each chant you speak into the universe will rouse the most powerful part of your being!”