EP 120 WF Rebecca Beyer: You Can Know 10 Plants Deeply And Be A Wonderful Healer


In this episode, Risa and members of the Missing Witches coven sit down with ethnobotanist, forager, wild-tender, and teacher of hedgecraft: Rebecca Beyer of Blood and Spice Bush. Rebecca holds us gently and invites us into practices that offer direct action toward negotiating the wounded spaces of cultural appropriation between Witches and first nations communities; direct relationships with the beings, plants, and spirits who live with us; gentleness for her own and all our illnesses and wounds; and love for the pre-teen history-and-magic-nerd in all of us. Plus we get some sweet details on Hildegarde of Bingen’s life and herbal magic and a taste of Rebecca’s beautiful book, Wild Witchcraft.

It’s a colonized mindset to think you have to… know all or nothing… You can know 10 plants deeply and be a wonderful healer.

I don’t work with a lot of deities because I like to think back to our first animistic inclination: to not give an offering to Poseidon but to leave an offering to the ocean, not to the god of the winds but to the wind itself… I think it’s a kind of coming home as we rebuild our animistic connections.




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