True Histories of Black Magic

We are missing the profound magic of marginalized voices. The world is starving for them. We are longing for all the wisdom and magic that has been suppressed and defamed. We are always interested in Black History.

But let’s pause together here — while we are in the moon cycle dedicated to this reckoning, this storytelling; while it’s February and we celebrate Black History Month — to sit with true stories of Black Magic. Let’s revisit these stories as starting points for new reading, new labour, new joy, new magic.

In that spirit, this week we decided to gather and share Missing Witches episodes dedicated to telling the stories of Black Witches and other Black magical practitioners. Next week, we’ll share our Black Magic Witches Found Episodes – some truly electric interviews. And then we’ll finish the month with a powerful panel of Black writers, researchers, magic-makers, and Witches. Together in circle to honour ancestors, tell true stories of magic, and weave new worlds.

And as a bonus, we’re including Pixie Colman Smith. It’s not clear whether she was biracial (or queer) but there’s evidence to suggest she was and she’s been lovingly claimed in some circles that identify in those ways, so if you want to add her story to the mix for this time of telling complicated stories, she’s here for you. (Also, it’s kind of fun to listen back to our first ever episode… whoa. I mean fun for you if you’re into that kind of thing, there’s no way I’m listening to old episodes, I think I’d die. oxR)