EP 124 WF – Charlie Watts, Aura Weaver: It’s All Weaving, Everything’s Weaving

“I come from a lineage of colour-seeing psychics…I had a near-death experience when I was ten, and that’s when things got really weird for me, in a beautiful way.”

Occupational Therapist, Artist, Doula, Aura Photographer, Neurodivergent Witch, and utter delight Charlie Watts joins the circle this week.

Charlie, her partner Judah, and their AuraCam 6000 have taken over 8000 aura photographs since beginning their practice together, and she brings to our circle stories of the brilliant colours we all carry with us.

Her current research while completing a Doctorate in Occupational Therapy brings her into spaces that support highly sensitive kids, and into the fight for safety and justice for birthing people in Georgia.

Our coven comes with questions about parenting and about the focus on “independence” in OT, and we are reminded again about the power in our interdependence, in our inter-weaving. It’s all weaving.