EP 125 WF – Gemica Rosenberg: Poetry Is the Only Thing That Makes Me Feel Like I Am A Witch

In this episode, we sat down with EcoFeminist Witch Poet Gemica Rosenberg to talk about her poetry book Sticks, Stones (published through a tiny independent woman run press called Free Witch Press!!!). She has described Sticks, Stones as an ecofeminist memento mori, but it is so much more than just that. She’s looking at her relationship to craft, science, self, humans, animals and the earth as well as a spiritual connection to her past life as a writer and chaneller and collager of written and visual content. We talk about the idea of Possibility, Erosion, the ritual of writing and the witchcraft of poetry. She says “acknowledgement is the first step in resistance and I feel like that’s what poetry does.”

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