EP 131 WF – Monefa Walker: In The Next Ten Years Everything Will Change

Monefa Walker returns to the show to bring her no-bullshit approach to astrology, her joy in her neurodiversity, and her vast understanding of patterns — both geopolitical and celestial — to a frank conversation about war and the future.

“The conjunction in Pisces is saying hey: before we branch out into a new empire, a new civilization, we need to introduce love at the base level… In the next 10 years everything will change… And the fundamental thing that will make sure that we don’t go extinct is the need for community.”

Monefa is a classical pianist, composer, astrologer and coach. She is living in London and also studying French & Spanish at University. Monefa has found ways, to allow her neurodivergence flourish without shame, due to her extreme passion and focus on patterns. Patterns allow her to understand herself and thus, the world and everything in it and it’s through this approach, that her creativity can be received, shared and reciprocated in the community.