EP 134 WF – In The Grey Together: Step Into A New Moon Circle With The Missing Witches Coven

Today we invite you into our monthly New Moon coven meeting. Our special guest Yvonne Aburrow — author of “All Acts of Love and Pleasure: Inclusive Wicca” and other brilliant books — opens and closes our circle, and we dig into questions of spiritual transition and making safe spaces for our changes, together.

Some highlights:

“Syncretism is a thing and people have been doing it for centuries so don’t let anybody tell you you can’t!”

“I was the little girl in the bathroom making potions, talking with ghosts.”

“This is the first community that feels right because maybe we’re all kinda in the grey together. I’m like whatever, I love the trees and I fucking do some spells sometimes!”

Welcome home to the grey, wise ones! If you’re interested in joining us, just know we’d love to have you.

The Missing Witches Coven is:

  • a witchy, science-loving study group/informal book club working collaboratively to seek and center marginalized ideas and possibilities.
  • a place to unmask and to be like little kids together, playing with the magic in the world, celebrating moments of JOY.
  • a mutually-supportive space to be honest about how fucked up racism, misogyny, misogynoir, ableism, heteronormativity and capitalism are and to mourn, and also to CACKLE WICKEDLY and HOWL WILDLY together as we seed within ourselves and each other ways to survive, resist, re-enchant and FLOURISH.