EP 143 – WF Michaela A. Harrison: We Are One

In this episode we sit down with prismatic Singer, Activist, Witch Michaela A. Harrison about her Whale-Whispering project, about the ocean, ancestors, the Middle Passage slave trade, reality and rainbows, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone and Judy Garland, and singing as a means of survival and transcendence, a spiritual, political and healing act – the healing, transformational power of music through song. This is the message she received from the whales: We Are One. “The sea,” she says, “is Holy Water.”

“Singing is claiming space. Making your voice be heard is definitely a political act…Singing is inherently political.” It’s about telling the truth. “What we need to be doing is singing to change the state of things. I’m convinced that singing together is the answer, that wailing together is the answer. I’m so convinced that setting our intentions to shift this vibration and jettisoning our voices out into the air, out into the waters, into the ether as a collective of folks who are joined in the intention of stopping the cycle of violence and harm that all these systems we find ourselves inside of are reeking on the planet as a whole, on women, on prismatic folks, on people of colour, on all the ecosystems, all the animals…that we can change this with our voices. I’m convinced of it.”

Your song can start a revolution. “Just say yes and listen, then go with the flow…”


We are one. That is the central message pulsing through this web that’s spinning forth from me and that I’m being woven into, this confluence of sound and image through and across waves of various types (marine, sound, brain…) that, for now, is called Whale Whispering.


Michaela A. Harrison is a musician and witch whose career is rooted in relaying the healing, transformational power of music through song.

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