EP 151 WF Jessica Christine Ritchie: Finding Your Own Path Is Key

Today we’re chatting with DeerWomen founder and STEM witch, Jessica Christine Ritchie. We talk about nature, neurology and make-up as a protection spell. Tea, ceremony, travel and intuition. Jessica says, “a lot of people say that magic and science are different. I don’t believe that.”

Jessica is Apache and Blackfoot, currently living in Belgium. She believes that self-care and our character is our first ward of protection – who we are and how we present ourselves. On the subject of beauty she says, “when I am gardening, with dirt under my nails, I look crazy and I feel most beautiful in THOSE moments.” We have to define Beauty for ourselves.

“Beauty comes when you’re doing what you love.” says Jessica.

Find Jessica/DeerWomen on their website and on Instagram.


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