EP 153 WF Pamela Muñoz AKA Lawyer Witch Pam – We Are ALL In Politics

The personal is political and the political is personal.

Today we sit down with our good friend, founder of the Lawyer Witch Coven on Facebook, Witch and Lawyer Pamela Muñoz. Pamela is an immigration lawyer and partner with the Islas Muñoz Law Firm in Texas. We talk about the connection between being an attorney and being a witch. Pam says, “You go to someone when you need help and don’t know how to resolve an issue.” Depending on the issue, this can be a Lawyer and/or a Witch! As we navigate our own disillusionment and fear Pam suggests we not overlook local government, that we educate ourselves, stay informed, start locally and “find ways to beat the government at its own game.” We discuss contracts, voting, immigration, bodily autonomy and more. Though we make a distinction between legal information and legal advice, Pam has a recommendation and message for all of us: DON’T GIVE UP.

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