EP 159 Mabon 2022 Breaking Bread With The Moon w Melissa Madara and Sarah Robinson

A recipe is a story and a knife is a magic wand. Cozy up to the fall equinox as Melissa Madara author of The Witch’s Feast: A Kitchen Grimoire and Sarah Robinson author of Kitchen Witch: Food, Folklore & Fairytales join us around the cauldron to discuss the art, science, history, imagination, personal and political magic found in the hearth of every home.

Sarah Robinson

Author of Yoga for Witches (March 2020), Yin Magic (October 2020) and Kitchen Witch (March 2022).

Sarah Robinson is a yoga teacher and author based in in Bath, UK (once named after a goddess: the ancient Roman town of Aquae Sulis). Her background is in science; she holds an MSc Psychology & Neuroscience and has studied at Bath, Exeter and Harvard University. She loves exploring the power of myth, magic and story in both her writing and yoga teaching, and is passionate about helping everyone connect to their own special magic and inner power.

Melissa Madara

Melissa Madara is a witch, chef, and writer living and working in New York City. They are a co-owner at Catland Books, Brooklyn’s little witch shop, where they teach, read tarot, and curate Catland’s in-house publication, Venefica Magazine. Melissa has been featured in the New York Times, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Vice, and their writing has been published in numerous publications, most recently with the launch of their premiere book, The Witch’s Feast : A kitchen grimoire. Listeners can follow along and find out more at thewitchsfeast.com or at @saint.jayne on Instagram. 

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