EP 161 WF – Vin Caponigro AKA Snake Hair Press: Telling Your Own Story

It’s Gorgon season! Vin Caponigro, founder of Snake Hair press sits down with us to talk about W.I.T.C.H., the printing press’s role in witch hunts and in liberation; manifestos, occult studies, revolution, the overlapping space of ritual and performance, and their own personal intersection of history, art and politics. Vin says there is ritual in everything. “Everyone is an artist. Everyone has creative potential. Everyone is also capable of making magic. Don’t let anybody scare into not being the best and truest version of yourself.”

Witches Unite Against The Cis Hetero Patriarchy

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“SNAKE HAIR is invested in unsettling and dismantling the white supremacist cis-normative heterosexual patriarchy, currently based on occupied Massachusett and Wampanoag land. We are PRO SLUT + ANTI COP, and dedicated to recognizing how those in power have used storytelling and reproducible media to control history, and how marginalized communities have used independent publishing to tell their own stories and fight back against oppressive systems. We are an independent publisher of zines and multiples committed to the inherent egalitarian nature of printmaking, and a portion of all of our proceeds are donated to social justice organizations that work to create a more equitable society.”

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