EP 163 WF Leonora Carrington Estate – Creativity Is What The Establishment Fears

In this interview, we get to talk with Leonora Carrington’s son – Gabriel Weisz Carrington, author of The Invisible Painting – and grandson – Daniel Weisz Argomedo. It’s a brilliant and emotional insight into a person they loved and admired, and whose work and unique voice they are keeping alive with the work of the Leonora Carrington Foundation.

“Creativity is in essence what the establishment, whatever way you want to describe that, fears because it imagines a different world. It imagines different things that are not the way they are right now. That’s very dangerous for many people… Everybody would always ask Leo, what is that painting about? She hated that. Right. She would always throw it back to you and ask you what you saw because you see it’s much more important for her that you become involved in the creative process yourself and understand the importance and value of that creativity, to strengthen this muscle.”

– Daniel Weisz Argomedo

“If you are not in contact with your own inner animal, Leonora’s animals have no meaning.”

– Gabriel Weisz Carrington

Gabriel Weisz Carrington