EP 169 WF Shabina Lafleur-Ganji on Ancestral Knowledge – Plants Are Smarter Than We Think

In this episode, Amy sits down with community herbalist and the co-director of Seed, Soil and Spirit School, Shabina Lafleur-Ganji to talk about “Reclaiming Ancestral Knowledge for Collective Liberation”. Together we dive into the cultivation of plants and the cultivation of relationships. From healing to hexing, roses to weeds, food to medicine, rooting and uprooting, migration vs diaspora vs colonization, Shabina listens to the complex stories that plants tell. Amy asks: What can we learn from plants that we can’t learn from people?


Shabina is a community herbalist and the co-director of Seed, Soil and Spirit School. She has been involved in healing justice work and movements for liberation for over a decade. She works to uplift Indigenous medical sciences and supports people in accessing their traditional knowledge.

Shabina is a graduate of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Practioner and Acupuncture program at Humber College, Living Earth School of Herbalism, and the School of Ayurveda and Panchakarma in Kerala. She has studied alongside herbalists such as Dr. Nadine Ijaz Ph.D., Janette Cormier R.Ac. RH and Scott Reid.

Seed, Soil + Spirit School

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