EP 174 WF Sarah Gottesdiener: Witchcraft 101 and Taking Our Own Advice

Sarah Gotessdiener came back on the Missing Witches podcast and shared how she’s thinking about the coming chariot year and its shadows, and how we can root ourselves back into the rhythms and wisdom of Witchcraft 101.

“Witches already know that there is a procedure and there is a process to transformation and change, and it looks different for every individual based on their own life and where they are and their resources and their beliefs. But for example, I’m feeling ready for a change. I’m feeling like I’m ready for a new chapter of my life. Witchcraft 101 is like clear out. Clear your house, your schedule. Say no. We all know nature loves a vacuum, and if it’s time to compost, it’s time to compost. Witches, we know this.

And so I’m like, Oh, yes, I know what to do. And so for me, that’s very comforting because I’ve done it so many times before. I understand it innately. I know that it works. So that’s what I can always turn to when I’m depressed or confused or unsure.

The other thing I really love about witchcraft, I mean, we could be here all day, we are taught from a young age, at least in a lot of the school systems in America, not all of them, but many, we’re taught from a young age that like we have to know. If we don’t know the answer, we’re bad. We’re gonna fail, we should be ashamed. Witchcraft is much more interested in the questions. I love the Rilke quote, “living the questions.” I am much more interested in the mystery.”

Sarah is an artist and author living in Los Angeles. She is the founder of the Moon Studio. Find her teaching tarot, archetypes, energy work, boundaries, protection magic, creative resourcing, business, writing, intuition, depth psychology, and more at moon-studio.co

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