MISSING WITCHES IMBOLC SPECIAL: Magic and Science – Witches in Labs

Welcome to the 2019 Missing Witches Imbolc Special!! At the intersection of Art, Science and Witchcraft, we meet the brilliant and fascinating Witches at Speculative Life BioLab on the campus of Montreal’s Concordia University!! links: speculativelifebiolab.com Speculative Life BioLab instagram WhiteFeather instagram Jacqueline Beaumont instagram Alex Bachmayer instagram GYNEPUNK tumblr!!!!! Great article (in English) about…


Welcome to the 2018 Missing Witches Yuletide Special!! In which we send a shout out and hallelujah to the goddesses of winter, of death and of the distant coming spring. And to trickster wives and to their daughters, to the oracles and the mediums and the muses, to the snow spiders and the storm hags….