EP 156 WF Nina Simons – The Earth Needs Us All To Be Leaders Now

“I know that the story of the Burning Times lives on in my bones.” We are honoured and thrilled to be sitting in Circle with a magical force of nature, author and co-founder of BIONEERS (please check out Bioneers if you haven’t already! Join their mailing list!) – Nina Simons (join her mailing list too!!!)….

EP 98 Mabon 2021: Making Manifestos w WhiteFeather Hunter of BioArt Coven

In this episode, Amy and Risa sit down with long time friend of the pod Whitefeather Hunter to discuss Science, Magic, how the Exquisite Corpse informs the collective work of the BioArt Coven and dig into the communally created BioArt Coven Manifesto. The BIOART COVEN MANIFESTO WILL BE PUBLISHED IN SNAKE HAIR PRESS‘S OCCULT STUDIES…