Promote your crafts, courses, products, or services with the Missing Witches Coven

We don't do traditional advertising but we're still excited to discover and share your work!

Hello! You may have arrived here because you're interested in sharing, advertising, or promoting your handmade goods, course, book, tarot deck, or something else magical to the Missing Witches' audience. We don't do traditional advertising – ie; you pay us to show your ad to our community's eyeballs – but that doesn't mean we aren't excited to discover and share your work!

Here's what we'd like to do instead:

Teach the Coven

If you would like to promote your work with our audience, we invite you to teach a 30-40 minute course live over video for our coven.

We are interested in providing options for our community to learn and connect, rather than simply consume.

And we believe everyone has something to teach!

Here are some details of how this works:

  • To promote your work with our community, first we'd ask you to reach out to us (Amy and Risa - and we'll see if it's a good fit and make an appointment for a quick video chat to plan the outline for your course so we can help you make it super appealing and a great promotion for what you do.
  • We will work with you to make graphics and copy to promote your course.
  • Your course will then be posted on our website, promoted in our newsletter (1000+ recipients, 60% open rate) + broadcast on our social media (insta + FB)
  • Coven courses are also promoted in the MW podcasts. (20 000+ downloads per month).
  • Your course will be planned around your schedule and we will be there to help facilitate.
  • You will teach and meet directly with a small group of powerful, badass Witches: the folks in our Weavers group. Weavers are established professionals, consultants, Phd candidates, lawyers, business owners, filmmakers, visual artists, publishers, technologists, scientists, and more. We are perpetually in awe of them.
  • After you teach live to Weavers, the recording of your course will be shared with the entire MW coven (300+ members).
  • Your course recording and transcript will be published in our coven course archive with your bio, links to your website(s), and a full description of your offering. Your course page will remain live for at least 1 year.
  • As the coven grows, more and more people have the opportunity to engage directly with your work.

Finally please note: Unlike advertising, there is no charge for the promotion you will receive in offering this course for the Missing Witches coven. We consider it a fair trade, and if it seems fair and exciting to you too, then we can't wait to hear from you! Please reach out to with Coven Course in the subject line!

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