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The Missing Witches Project is Entirely Listener-Supported, and Listener…

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Solitary Witches, techno pagans, crones, kids, queers…

Anti-racist, feminist, neurodivergent, disabled magical people and practitioners from all backgrounds…

Welcome Home to the Missing Witches Coven.

This Missing Witches Virtual Coven is:

  • a gang of ridiculously badass, talented, brilliant humans whom Amy and Risa feel wildly lucky to bring together.
  • a place to unmask and to be like little kids together, playing with the magic in the world, celebrating moments of JOY.
  • a witchy, science-loving study group and informal book club working collaboratively to seek and center marginalized ideas and possibilities.
  • a mutually-supportive space to be honest about how fucked up racism, misogyny, misogynoir, ableism, heteronormativity and capitalism are, and to mourn.
  • A powerful container within which to CACKLE WICKEDLY and HOWL WILDLY together as we seed within ourselves and each other ways to survive, resist, re-enchant, and FLOURISH.


Find Out More: What To Expect At A Missing Witches Coven Meeting

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