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The Missing Witches project is entirely listener-supported. No ads, all coven magic. The coven is fun, brilliant, supportive, diverse, and magic as hell... and we want you to join us.

The Missing Witches coven is home to a rainbow of magical people: solitary Witches, community leaders, techno pagans, crones, baby witches, neuroqueers, and folks who hug trees and have just been looking for their people. We are word Witches, art Witches, sonic Witches, Witches in labs, in law, in academia, in deathwork, and dance, and we are in all your code. Our coven is trans-inclusive, anti-racist, feminist, and full of love.

Welcome Home to the Missing Witches Coven.

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The Missing Witches Coven is:

  • a gang of ridiculously badass, talented, brilliant humans that meets on Zoom and hangs here and on Discord.
  • a place to unmask and to be like little kids together, playing with the magic in the world, celebrating moments of JOY.
  • a witchy, science-loving informal book club working collaboratively to seek and center marginalized ideas and possibilities.
  • a mutually-supportive space to be honest about how fucked up racism, misogyny, misogynoir, ableism, heteronormativity and capitalism are, and to mourn.
  • A powerful container within which we CACKLE WICKEDLY and HOWL WILDLY together as we seed within ourselves and each other ways to survive, resist, re-enchant, and FLOURISH.


join the coven today

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