Coven Invites

Coven Invite: Maria Molteni

Risa Dickens
Mar 15, 2023
1 min read

Maria Moteni is the brilliant, expansive, community-building artist who introduced us to the idea of the GODDETC. After years of friendship at a distance we are finally sitting down together to talk about art magic, expansive explosive spirit identities and so much more. Covenmates are invited to join us live, and if you miss it never fear: the edited audio from this conversation will go up on the main podcast feed sooooooon.

“Molteni is a queer transdisciplinary artist, educator, and mystic. They are the grandchild of Tennessee square dancers, stunt motorcyclists, quilters, beekeepers, and opera singers of various European backgrounds. Their practice has grown from formal studies in Painting, Printmaking, and Dance to incorporate research, ritual, and play-based collaboration.”

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