EP 223 WF Anikim Lamoureux - Find Your Own Voice

"I see my life as a constant laboratory and playground." Anikim

Amy Torok
Feb 29, 2024
28 min read
Les ateliers voix libre
"We are creative beings."

In today's episode, Amy sits down for a reunion with one of our first ever interviewees from season ONE of the Missing Witches podcast, Anikim Lamoureux! We're getting back together, five and a half years later, to catch up and talk about the role that our bodies and voices can take in our quest for inner peace and sacred knowledge.

Anikim is a vocal coach, but not in the way you might think. Here we're not concerned with running scales or perfect pitch.

Anikim joins us from the Sacred Valley in Peru to talk about her work in Voix Libre (Free Voice). From singing to speaking your truth, Anikim explores her blended ancestry to examine the human voice as a universal tool for connection and liberation. The voice, the body, the breath - they all work together.

Anikim's calling is to help us all understand the power of our voices to vibrate change into the world.

She says, "I see my life as a constant laboratory and playground," and believes that we can all create the life we want.

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Les ateliers voix libre


Anikim: Um, so we can just take a moment to close our eyes and feel the earth where we are, where we are actually sitting. in or on And just inhale deeply from the nose and exhale from the mouth 

Oh a good deep breath is the best way to start any thing.

Amy:Listeners, that was, that was the voice of Anikim, or as we know her, Annie Lamoureux, um, guiding me in a big deep breath before I launch into this now. Um, hello and welcome to another episode of the Missing Witches podcast. If you have been with us from the very, very, very, very beginning. 

Five and a half years ago, you will recognize Anikim, Annie, um, as one of the very, very, very first interviews we ever recorded for this Missing Witches project. And so I'm so happy to see your face again, Annie. It's been such a long time and I know you've done so many incredible adventures over the past five years. 

And I want to hear about All of them, in the next, say, if we can fit it into, say, 45 minutes or so, but for those, for those people who are listening who aren't, you know, um, familiar with you and your work, and maybe haven't heard that episode from five and a half years ago, it's crazy to think about. Who are you today? 

Please, like, tell our listeners about yourself in any way you want. It doesn't have to be your CV. It can just be like how you're feeling in the world right now. What's going on? How are you?

Anikim: Thank you so much. I mean, I'm just First of all, I'm just so excited to be here with you five years later and seeing also that this project is just blooming and blooming and blooming and, and so that's amazing. 

I'm super, super happy for you, sister. That's, that's, yeah, that's amazing to all of you, uh, witches out there, whatever you want to call yourself as well. Bye. Um, Yeah, well, I'm, I'm, uh, like you said, I was known as Annie, now my name is, is Anikim. That's a whole subject as well that we can, but let's see how things are gonna unfold, but actually right now, um, I am sitting in Peru, in the Sacred Valley, um, and here, um, I've been here for a while. 

And, and I'm like resisting to go back to Quebec, Canada, . But, um, I have been developing in those last wow years, uh, the voice of the work, which is definitely, this is my main, like my main, I would say my main, uh, 

my, my calling, no, this is definitely my, my first calling. Um. And that has been like a work of very of different ways in the sense of I've been offering different different things like from what you know me, like five years ago is very different from who I am this year and now and you know, and all of the learnings teachings I've been through as well. 

And so I've always. been called to travel the world and just to actually go into different sacred sites, connect with the vibration of those sites and kind of just channel with the voice, whatever was there for me. But when I started doing this, it was really like just something, you know, I, I, I couldn't really Realize what I was doing, which is today is also a very different energy. 

The way I connect with the lens, the way I actually also channel, because I mean, you can channel a lot of energy and they're not always really good energies, you know what I mean? If I don't necessarily want to say there's good and bad, but sometimes it's just energies that are not wanted in your, in your, in yourself, no, but anyway, so, and I've been developing as well. 

This, um, this, um, those workshop called, um, so free voice. And this is also something that is. Really actually giving me a lot of energy and, and the, the mission of this is to accompany and to be like a vocal coach to whoever is feeling the call of just like wanting to rise their voice and just be able to have a free voice and to express. 

Whether it's like voice chanting, whether it's like connecting more with their, their unique sound, whether it's expressing themself as well, um, in an, uh, freely, uh, freelier. No, that's not, yeah, that works. Freelier. I'm sorry, I'm more, right now I'm more in, in, in. Spanish and English. So my English is a bit like, we'll figure it out.
Amy: You can speak in three, four languages. We'll, we'll figure it out together. Anikim: Thank you. I won't start talking another, uh, an unknown language for sure. Not now, but anyway, but that happened the first, anyway, from when we met, but, um, yeah, so, so this is where I, I am at right now, I would say like really kind of mastering and I wouldn't say that I'm, I, I am in the path of mastering my own art as well with my own voice, you know, and, and this is, um, this is just being, um, Listening every single moment to life, you know, and, and basically this is what it is like walking my path one step at a time and, and just learning and listening to, to what life is bringing me as well, like around the voice and how I can also share my voice and, and I'm at a point right now as well where I'm really questioning myself on, okay, how can I Be at service. 

So that is also like being able to accompany people in that journey and that path in their voice, but also being the artist that I am and also like this, this witchy, witchy woman that I am and nourishing this part of myself as well, you know, and this happens a lot in ceremonies. Um, so I'm also leading different ceremonies with different plant vendors and where the voice is for me really important in those, in those, in those moments. 

This is how we also connect with the realm of the world of the universe, you know, it's really powerful. And, and it's also always a calling of like, okay, we're all part of this journey and each of us has a very unique sound. And with. Our own unique sound, we are creating this amazing, like, colorful, like, uh, uh, realm of like, uh, amazing vibration. 

And this is actually healing us, but it's also connecting with the healing of the world. This is the way I want to think, and this is the way I work as well. So we Vibrate something, but this is not only for our own healing, but this is also for, for like, this is resonating all over the so I see the voice as a very like responsible thing to, to kind of take over, because this is how I believe we can heal ourselves and also heal the heal is like a word that word that is a bit like math, but because we're not sick, you know, I mean, most in the sense of like, yeah, we have definitely like, yeah. 

Each of us have our own path, you know, of healing path and journey of obviously memories and whatever it is in this lifetime, other lifetime, but I mean, yeah, so our own vibration is something that can definitely heal ourselves and also heal the world if, and if we unite those vibrations all together, I mean, it's superpower. 

You know, so, so powerful, you know, yes, yes.

Amy: I mean, so, so much of what we did when we first met was, was based on singing and, and drumming. But I want to ask you, you talk about being like a voice coach and, you know, Typically, when we think voice coach, it's like, sing the correct notes and exactly work your scales. 

And so obviously this is not that. This is not about being like a quote unquote good singer. So how, how do you, how does your voice coaching differ from that like running scales and being a quote unquote good singer?

Anikim: Yeah, thank you. That's an important point. Definitely. It is. Yeah. Um, well, you know, basically, like the word that I, that I offer is also working on a very energetic scale. 

So, uh, and it's not to be able to sing good or sing well, it's mainly to actually find your own. Voice and find your own path also within that voice. So it's, it's basically kind of to, um, you can see ourself as a channel. Okay. Like a tube, like a, and, and within that tube with our own history, so many things is like in like web, uh, spider web, whatever it is, sometimes it's concrete wall and it's like, okay, so in that just. 

Before getting here, you know, in, in the, in the trope. So the, the work that I offer is actually to go into this tube and this tube could actually be experiences, could actually be memories, could actually be like, uh, croyance, um, um, how do you say croyance? Belief. Yeah, there you go. Beliefs, traumas, whatever it is. 

So we're actually going into this channel and kind of removing this. This, all of this that is in this, this channel, so it can be really emotional. It can be really profound. It can be really deep. It can be really subtle as well. It could be in the invisible. It can be in like things arising memories. Oh my God, I have remembered this. 

This came. So to be able really to actually express ourself freely. So, um, and then with this capacity of like expressing yourself freely, I mean, you're just. A free being, no? That's what I want to believe. If you can say what you want and be authentic, and just be like, okay, you know what, this is how I feel, or this is what's arising for me right now, or it may be as well, like, just Being in a place and hearing sound and just being able to release those sound and permit yours permit yourself just to Release those sound, you know So yeah, this is basically the work that I offer like and and we're also working with the physical Form as well. 

So the body because obviously like it all comes together The body, the breath and the voice. I mean, this is all something that is working all together. So sometimes it's, and I call it the work because it is the work in the sense of, um, sometimes it's not easy to go see what's in there, you know? And sometimes it's like, okay, we're going down sister or brother, you know, we're going all the way down there just to see what's there, because this is actually a key. 

a key for yourself to be able to also like release and to be able also just to feel free, not freer from, from whatever it is that is actually in the way of your own expression. So, um, I, I, I've always been a singer. So this, Um, is pretty foreign to me, but so many people have told me or believe that they say, I can't sing, or they're afraid. 

When do you say to someone who tells you, I can't sing? Well, that I'm going to say, I'm sorry, but that's only beliefs, but obviously, you know, I mean, that's impossible. We all have a voice. So we All can sing, you know, and it's just the matter of finding your own true voice. And for sure, when somebody is like, I can't sing, it's just, okay, let's see what's there. 

I hear you. I hear that you cannot, something inside of you saying, saying, I cannot sing. Okay, so let's, let's go, let's just go take her hand. You see what's there, you know, what is, what is she saying? What's, what's her story? For her to think that she cannot sing, you know, and, and start from there, you know, I think it's, uh, yeah, and there's different ways as well. 

And like, okay, so, so starting slowly with the breath. You know, just being in her body, finding her ground, for example, finding her stability, solidity, knowing that she's in security, you know, for her to, okay, so slowly and slowly. So, yeah, it depends on the story of everybody, no? Yes. Everybody's got a different reason for suppressing their voice, if that's what they're doing. 

And so much of it is pain or shame. Oh, yeah. Fear. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. There's a quote on your website, and it's in French, so I'm going to translate it, but it says, um, for our listeners, um, Our voice is our vibrational signature. Every living being should be able to taste, I love that you use the word taste, taste this precious space where we feel free to express ourselves fully and to be heard. 

In all our potential through the voice. This is so interesting to me, this, this, um, vibrational signature. 'cause we think of like, you know, a fingerprint that we each have very unique, but our vibrations, this is something that goes out into the world. Our fingerprints are kind of stuck, stuck to our head, right? 

But, but our voice is something where a vibration. We know scientifically how vibration works. It goes and goes and goes and changes and changes. So tell me about this vibrational signature and how we can taste this precious space. Well, yeah, that's, that's, uh, that's huge. That's not a small question. Take your time. 

How can I put this in words, you know, this is something that is so interesting as well because vibration is not something that is actually, is you don't, you hear the vibration, but you don't see the vibration, you know, so this is also something really interesting, but the vibration is everywhere. I've been actually really connecting with this, this, this vision of vibration, where I actually felt I was a vibration. 

And that was in, that was in the ceremony where I actually just connected with my own. And I was like, I was being able to see those vibration actually at that moment with a plant and, and that actually, like, I, I was just like amazed and amazed is not even the word. I was just blasted away by like those vibration and really seeing that everything. 

Everything is a vibration. So if we know that with our own voice, we own this power, which is a power of vibration, I mean, this is huge. What we can do with our voice so we could use our voice, obviously for many, many things, you know, express ourselves, uh, uh, yell, whatever it is, you know, talk, but I mean, if we consciously use this vibration to, and I'm going to use the words. 

again, or just to actually bring love. 

So consciously, if I think, okay, I will sing and with those vibrations, I will emanate love. It's just, it's just amazing. So it's just also being able to have the switch of, okay. This is where actually like the, the, the, the, um, um, this is where actually the, I'm sorry, I'm like going in my own world. I love your world. 

I'll stay here in your world as long as you want. Take your time. This is where actually the magic, the magic becomes actually. 

So, you know, the, the, the work that I propose as well is to be able to, um, um, propose this to the people and for them to be able to really recognize that they have this power. Of vibrating whatever they want, actually. And obviously, I want to work with love, you know. I want to work with those higher vibrations of the divine vibrations as well. 

You know, everything exists and everything is fine, everything is okay. Everything is also welcome. But mainly, like the, the, the, I would say like the, What is for me working the most in my system is definitely love, resonating love, vibrating love. You know, so I don't know if this answers your question more or less, but I mean, yeah, I mean, it's, it's, it was an impossible question to answer. 

You know, it's too big. It's too big and too universal. But I do want to know, like, how does the breath. factor in? How, how do our bodies factor into your practice? Yeah, well, the, the, the breeding that I'm actually proposing come, is coming from my own coach, my own vocal coach, which is called Danielle Carpentier. 

She's in Sherbrooke. She's an amazing woman. And, and she has been working with actually the, the main, I would say, um, a founder. Yeah. Founder. Founder, yeah, thank you, of, of this work which is called, um, Souffle et Voix, Breath and Voice. His name is Serge Wilfart, he's now, um, actually gone. He was, um, uh, French, um, Breton and the breeding that he is proposing. 

Anyway, his story is really amazing, but the breeding that, that he is proposing and that I work with is the breath of life that I call and the breath of life for me is actually coming back to this. Very intuitive, primary breathing, instinct breathing that we connected when we actually came to birth. So when we came to birth, this breath came by the mount and it was something very instinct. 

You know, we, we did not talk about it or how am I going to do this? No, no, it just came. And it's like, the first breath is like, Oh my God. Air needs to come out. We just came out from our mother womb. Uh, belly. And I mean, uh, we need to breathe. And from this first breath, like all of our pulmonary, um, lungs system will activate and everything will activate into our own body. 

Physical body. So and and slowly with the years, the breathing is changing. So with the nose and we're breathing with the nose. So it's kind of coming back to this. Actually, we're deconstructing with the bread and coming back in a very, very, um, um, intuitive and a very, um, instinct. Breathing. So it's something like we're inhaling from the mouth 

and then chanting or breathing. So obviously we're starting just by kind of installing the breath. And this is how we install it. So we breathe. Within this technique and then I will actually come and work a little bit on the body work on the body as well doing some, you know, some contact and so this is the breathing that that is actually that I'm using for this technique. 

It's a very, very powerful technique. So right now I'm also working with another coach, which is going to come in Quebec to give to to workshop in August. It's. It's going to be amazing. This man is also really, really powerful and amazing. He has a whole different way of working. So I'm actually entering now this, this new way of working with him, which is a different breathing. 

So I will probably also kind of integrate those breathing as well. So I'm, you know, I see this work as a Um, I see my life as a constant laboratory, like every day is I'm exploring and like, I'm, I'm definitely like, um, learning every single day. And, and I'm grateful because what I'm learning after I can actually work with others and be like. 

Like, people are actually being my guinea pig, you know? In the sense of like, okay, I'm learning this, can I try this on you and see how it feels, you know? Obviously when, it has to feel good, but I mean, in the sense of, it's always for the good. But I mean, this is my playground, a little bit, no? It's like, learning and then, okay, sharing, learning and then sharing. 

So this is, yeah, yeah. I love this notion. I see my life as a constant laboratory and also a playground. This is such a beautiful concept to me. There are so many people who want to carve their lives out of stone and, and I much prefer this notion of like half, half laboratory, half Playground. I mean, you've always been, since I've known you, you've always had this, like, freedom that is almost, um, I don't want to say aggressive, but like a passion, a passionate freedom. 

Like, some years ago, you, you converted a school bus, so that you could. You know, so tell me, for those of our listeners who are, are like, how do I get a taste of this freedom? How do I, were you just born that way? Or was this something that you found or worked toward? How do you get the courage to express that freedom and to travel the world? 

How do you do it? That's, that's, that's really interesting. You know, um, you know, the first thing that I said when I actually, um, was born before saying mother or mom or dad, I said, I am capable of, that was the first thing that I said, I'm like, in French. No. So, so I can do it. I can do it. I can do it. Oh my goodness. 

As a baby, like, uh, I believe that I fucking believe. And that was so interesting because my, my, then my, my mom and my dad were telling me this when I was older. And I was like, that, that was the first thing you said. And I was like, wow, that's really, so I recognize like that, that's my spirit, you know, this, the spirit of like being called and, and just listening to this calling and not even, I have fear for sure. 

I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm dealing with different fears, you know, that's. Obviously, I'm not like a superhero woman, whatever it is. I'm a human being like everybody. But, and we're all, I want to believe like somebody saying, I can not sing. Okay. This is beliefs. You know, I want to believe that we can all actually create the world, the reality. 

The life that we want to, because we are creative creators, human being, this is what we are basically, you know, so it's, it's kind of for me coming back to this origin of, of realizing really that what we are is create creative beings and we can create and manifest anything, anything. So, you know, and I think this is. 

There's no magic potion, uh, and, and the sense of like, you know, you have to do this and that and this, and then you're, you're free. I think it's every single second realizing that you have the choice. You know, and, and then things will transform itself into, Oh yeah, it's true. I have the choice. I have the choice. 

I can choose. I have this. Yeah. Okay, good. That's, that's the only real power that I have is choice, you know, it's choosing. So I just think. Yeah, I, for me, it's just kind of something natural, even if I'm dealing with fears, even if I'm dealing with, with, uh, sometimes, uh, beliefs that are like, no, but I'm like, I'm sitting with those beliefs and I'm actually. 

Sometimes I sit in it for a while and I'm like, okay, well it's there. All right. And sometimes something is just shifting inside of me and I'm, I'm, I'm choosing and choosing to feed, okay, this is what I want to feed. This is really what I envision. So, yeah, so I believe that I've, I've kind of always been like that. 

And. And I'm really grateful for that. It's really beautiful. And also, we all have this power. This is also what I want to say. We all have this power to choose, you know. I had a little bit of a heartbreak recently. One of our coven members was concerned about drumming because she was worried about cultural appropriation. 

And my response to her was that all cultures have drums. All cultures have drums and, and when you were on the podcast before, we talked a lot about this like drumming. Can you talk about the drumbeat and the heartbeat and the sort of universality of that? And maybe this Coven member who had some worries, can you set her mind at ease, if you can, about playing the drum and the accessibility of that magic? 

Um, um, I I've also actually, um, questioned myself, you know, around the drumming and the use of the drumming and the use of the, the actually all of those, um, uh, chanting as well, those, those, um, First nation, uh, songs and chants and, and prayers and everything. But I, like you said, the use of the drum, the drum is something that is actually coming from so far. 

I mean, there are heartbeat of planet of mother earth has been there for ever, you know, and it's just that it has been transferred into, um, uh, a tool, an instrument. You know, and and I mean this connection with Mother Earth, we could use anything in the sense of we could use something else, but But the drum, um, is definitely a tool to connect. 

with ancestors, a tool to connect with the vibration of mother earth, a tool to connect as well with universe, a tool to actually unite our heartbeat as well. You know, first of all, with mother earth and also with one and each other. So, so it's, I believe that, and really, like you said, Like a lot of First Nation from all around the world have been using the drum, whether it's a djembe, whether it's like, uh, uh, there's many different ways of like, uh, seeing the drum. 

No? So, um, yeah. Um, you know, it's funny because I haven't been using my drum for many years now. Um, why not? I haven't been called to. 

So, you know, this is also something that is interesting when you, your call to connect with an instrument, and if it's made with love and conscious and that it's stronger than your mind. It's a calling. It's your soul calling. So there is a gift there, you know. So I believe that this is the path that we should use if we're called to something, to actually go for it and, and honor, like, in a very simple way, like, yes, if there is a challenge within, like, the appropriation, cultural appropriation around this, while being really aware of it. 

And also like, kind of ritualize the way of using the drum as well. If this can make you feel, I would say, I'm more aligned. with the connection of the drum, which would be, um, recognizing the ancestors, honoring the ancestors, saying thanks to them, you know, and using it with a lot of respect and love. Um, so yeah. 

Uh, certainly like you, you mentioned like a djembe or, um, it doesn't have to be, uh, an indigenous, you know, American hand drum. You can, I don't know, Zoom doesn't usually pick up sounds, but I'm, I'm banging on the, on the desk, like you can. And I'm using this. 

Can you describe it for the listeners who can't see you? These are leaves. These are leaves and they're actually making a rhythm, but like cedar can be used in Quebec, like different pine can be used in Quebec. Here it's like coming from the Amazon, but I mean, these are leaves and they don't have drum here. 

You know, they don't, they don't use drug. This is what they use because this is what they had in their, in their surrounding to create the rhythm and the connection with mother as well. It's so funny, I, I just remembered that you were, you were at my house, and I had all of this stuff that I had bought, you know, um, resins and, and little burning coals, and you were like, Amy, fais? 

What are you doing? You have a bonfire going, there are coals in there, come, and you took my hand, and you pulled me over to a tree, in my yard and said, look at the resin that's coming out of this. Like, why, why are you buying this stuff when it's already, you weren't, you weren't criticizing me. You were, you were teaching me, you know, like, uh, and it was that sense, but, but yeah, if you, if, if, if a person has concerns about, about appropriation in any way, like you can just look To your own ancestry or look around your house or look around your yard and you will probably find a resin or a coal or something that you can use as a drum. 

Yeah, definitely. Definitely. I remember this. Oh my God. And I still, I still go back. to that tree. I go back to that tree all the time. And if there's like a big glob of resin that I harvested and I, you know, I thank the tree for it and so on. And those, those are the resins that I use in my, in my magic now, not, you know, the store bought ones or the church ones or whatever. 

And I feel much more connected to this, right? Because it's, it was, it's there. It's right there. And you actually put the time as well to go to like connect with the tree or whatever it is, your little ritual around it now as well. So, and it's like, and obviously you want to honor because it's like, okay, it's coming from here around me and it's probably not a lot, like not, Hey, I have 10. 

I'm just going to go buy something, you know, it's like, okay, a quantity offered by mother nature and then, you know, so yeah, that's. That's, that's, uh, that's a good memory. But yeah, this is, and, and, you know, I, I think also of like different, um, traditions and, and different people that are also like in Europe, they, they, they have been using like, uh, drums as well, you know, like the, the, the, the vikings, like the, you know, the Greeks. 

The Greeks. I mean, yeah, exactly. I mean, yeah. So it's, it's, yeah, that's, that's interesting. I, I, I always, I want to believe that everything that is made with heart and consciousness actually is, is okay. You know? And, and I ask permission. I ask permission. I ask permission when I'm walking on the land. I ask permission when I'm entering water, you know, so this is also something that is interesting, asking permission. 

So like before you, before you jump in a lake or into a stream, you talk to the water? Tell me about that. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I am asking her, or I'm saying, thank you for letting me enter into your water. For me, that makes a lot of sense. This is honoring the land as well. It's honoring the elements. And, and I believe that this is protecting me as well. 

Like in the sense of no crabs are going to eat my fingers or You know, so it's like, thank you. Thank you for just letting me in. I'm passing by, you know, thank you. So, yeah. You mentioned a made up language and I will, um, one of the, we, we are very much connected through music, you know, most of the times we hung out, there was some sort of music musicianship. 

or playing or singing in, involved. And one of the, my favorite pieces that, that I ever had any hand in was that, that piece that we made together. And listeners, I'm going to stick it at the end of this episode so that you can hear it. Oh yeah. And I really like, you were improvising and then I took those vocals and sort of mixed them into a thing. 

And I said like, what, what language is this? And. It was just some, it just was what came out of you in that moment. Um, is your, your vocal coaching like, is that aligned with that of just like, let's see what comes out of us in, in this moment? Sometimes there is, when I feel that it's useful or when I feel that it's actually aligned. 

And it's also depending on the path of, of the person as well. You know, some people would feel really uncomfortable, like just. Listening and being like, you know, inventing. So, so with, with people, I feel that it's really aligning with some other that it's, it's, it's another path, but, but I believe that we all carry this, the, our own language that I really believe in this definitely. 

Um, and, and, and it's also like something that, um, could be really useful as well to, to, to connect with. Because this is also our own vibration, you know, and and those invented words or whatever it is those they're they're connecting with something. So, yeah, 

I just want to give the coven if you have a question for any. Now would be the time. If you have a compliment for Annie, now is also a good time. And if not, I'll give you a second. 

Looks like everyone's just sitting in rapt attention. I'm really open for a question or sharing, whatever it is. 

So, in the meantime, um, if our listeners are feeling very resonant with what you're talking about, what's the best way for them to learn from you, to get in touch with you, to follow you? Um, well, There's, there's different, different ways, but obviously just reaching out is the most simple way and, and, or connecting on my website as well. 

Um, maybe Amy, you could share the, the website. Of course. All of this will be in the show notes. If you're listening now, just go, go to the show notes and the webpage will have all of this. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you so much. And, and I want to say that, like, I'm, I'm always really happy to connect and answer questions or whatever it is. 

Um. And, and, and, um, yeah, so, so anyways, you know, email, Messenger, WhatsApp, uh, whatever, Instagram, whatever. Um, I'm, I'm, I'm more than happy to actually receive and connect. It looks like Karen has a question. So let's ask. Yeah. Amazing Karen. Yes. Hi, Karen. I just felt a small healing happen when you were talking about made up languages. 

Going, going back to an experience from almost 50 years ago, my early teens. When I went to a fundamentalist Christian summer camp and the big thing was to get baptized in the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues. And I wasn't raised, I wasn't raised in this. This was something that, uh, my very bestest friend's family was into and I tagged along to this summer camp. 

And over the years, I've, I've wondered, you know, I've thought, I've come to my own conclusions about where that came from, but you've just, I don't know if you can speak to that, but it's, you've just given a depth, uh, to that experience that's been wonderful, so thank you. Hmm. Thank you, Karen, for sharing. Um, yeah, I am, well, I'm not sure, like, how deep I can go into the explanation of those, those kind of languages. 

And I've been also working with another sister of mine, and she's also all over, like, she has her own language. You know, this is, and this is her way to channel and this is her way to, and we have also a very different language, but we connect with one in each other and, you know, I think that, that for me, how it works when I connect with this, with this, um, own language of mine, it's just like by listening and, and for example, I would be sitting somewhere and I would hear it. 

Those vibration, I would hear those words, which are not words, but I was, I would hear them. And then I would just express them. So obviously it has to do with also, uh, history ancestors. Um, um, I want to believe that, you know, whether it's true or not that for me, it doesn't matter, but I want to believe that like, okay, those words, those, um, this language is coming as well from, from a far, far, like, lineage. 

Of whatever it is, and I am here and if I hear it, it's It's my role, I would say, to express it because this is also vibration. Those vibrations can actually, uh, I'm going to use the word heal again, but like, yeah, heal myself, heal my history, heal my ancestors, lineage, heal others that can actually relate to those sounds and be like, wow, okay, this language is coming some so far. 

So this can actually come, brings us back to, to. The origin as well, you know what I mean? So, yeah, I don't know if this is actually, Karen, if this is actually bringing some, some light a little bit more on, on this or. 

Yes. I was muted again. Thank you very much. Yes. It's just, uh, even as you are speaking to it, I'm just getting confirmation in my body that You know, this was, even though the overall experience in that, uh, religion was of feeling duped and controlled, this was a moment of my real desire to connect to spirit and this did come out of me. 

The sounds that I made came from me and, you know, so, 

And that was the only time that you actually could access this? Oh, I could, I could repeat it today. The, the sounds that made up my little language. Yes. Huh. So that's, that's really interesting. Okay. I thought it was someone else or, but that was your own sound that you're, that was your own vibration. Wow. 

Yeah. That's, that's really interesting. I w I would actually dive in there and And, and yeah, I would dive in there. Yeah. Ask permission before you dive in. Ask permission. Yeah. And then dive into the water. Any Kim, um, Kalika put a question in the chat. So I'm just going to read you what Kalika wrote. Kalika asked. 

I used to sing all the time as a child, and as I've gotten older, I've stopped. What's a good way to start reconnecting since I've been missing it so much? Mm-Hmm. . Mm-Hmm. 

humming. Sister humming. Yeah. Just start, start by humming if there's something that is actually Hmm. If it resonates with you, obviously. But yeah, humming is a very good way to start reconnecting with your voice in a very gentle way without being violent or whatever it is and humming and breathing within this. 

And, and eventually, like, I always say, listen as well, you know, listen to your own voice. Even if it's like something that is shut down, like really take the time to listen. And even if it's like just little sounds that comes out, like slowly by slowly, it will unfold. No, but humming is a very good way to just warm it up and just to connect a little bit more with, with your own vibration and improvise humming. 

If it's, yeah, if it's something obviously that is. I love that response, because the, the hum is so, um, ancient, like some scientists or anthropologists believe that the hum was the first sound that, Um, you know, way back before the Neanderthals, before all of that, the first bit of language that we had was that hum, hum. 

And it does, and it's quiet, so you don't feel like you're like, hey, look at me or listen to me. Like it's, I feel like that's excellent advice for connecting to something inside of yourself. That vibration, you can feel it in your lips and in your throat and in your chest. That is Great advice. And I want to leave you all with another great, great bit of advice from Annie Kim Lamoureux. 

I see my life as a constant laboratory and a playground. I mean, may we all see our lives as both laboratory And playground. Thank you so much for that. And as I say, I'm, I'm going to end this episode with a piece of music that, uh, Annie and I made together years ago. And, um, I returned to it sometimes when I, as a, as a source of like a meditative. 

You know, a calm, um, that somehow comes over me every time it's in my headphones. And so I just, I want to thank you for your joie de vivre. I want to thank you for your courage and freedom and pursuing pursuing your calling, um, in these amazing, amazing ways. Thank you so much for being in the world. And do you have any parting words for our listeners? 

Anything you want to say before we go into the realm of music? Oh, sister. Thank you so much for your words. And I went, I want to thank also, well, I don't see all of you, but I want to thank you for being here around as well and listening to me really. Um, yeah. Thank you, Amy, for this invitation five years later and sing, sing, sing, that's saying, you know, sing for all of the person, for all of the people that do not have voice. 

Yes. Sing for all the people who do not have a voice. Thank you so much, Annie Kim. And blessed fucking be. AHH! Love you, love you! Always! Forever! so much!

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