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Jen Yi
Mar 18, 2023
1 min read
Photo by Nicole Avagliano.

Astrology and tarot provide guidance amidst the theater of the mundane world. The planets and zodiac signs act as the players and their costumes. The houses are the stages. Tarot provides the plot lines. I believe that each tarot reader and astrologer operates from their own life experiences. My unique life experiences as a Korean/white, Xennial, cisgender woman facilitate my interpretations. My mother is an immigrant and my niece is adopted from India. I understand not everyone knows their birth information so I included a transit report for you.

In my mundane world, I am a mother of 2, wife, and registered nurse of 17 years. I have a scientific, academic brain punctuated by intuitive guidance. I provide these offerings in the spirit of fun with a sprinkle of insight and maybe some pop culture references.

Astrology and Tarot Offerings:

  1. The Big 3- Sun, Moon, Rising: Overview of your Sun, Moon, and Rising zodiac signs and houses with corresponding tarot cards.
  2. Personal planets- Overview of your Mercury, Venus, and Mars placements with corresponding tarot cards.
  3. 3 Month Transit Report- Overview of the key transits for the next 3 months and how they may affect you. 3 card tarot spread for guidance.

To request a reading, please schedule through  

Please include your birth date, time, and location when scheduling. Choose one or any combination of readings. The Big 3 is recommended for those new to astrology. If you don’t know your birth information, I recommend a 3 month transit report. I will send a confirmation email and an estimated delivery date. All readings will be compiled into a PDF and emailed to the querent. These are not face-to-face readings.

This is my first time providing readings and I am using this as practice so these offerings are free. If something resonates and you feel called, you may send me a tip via Venmo @Jen-Boehm-1 or PayPal.Me/jenyiboehm. Thank you for supporting my tumble down the astrological rabbit hole.

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