Growing Down

This is where my becoming is embraced into decay.

Hagar Harpak
Mar 14, 2023
1 min read
Word WitchcraftWitch Poetry
Photo by Wilhelm Gunkel

I have grown a lot this year

But not up

I have been growing roots into the soil of my soul

I have reached my branches inward

Leaves unfurling into darkness

This is where the silence of my voice becomes empowered

This is where my becoming is embraced into decay

This is where I am a fallen fairy

A gallery of dead portraits of all the things I never have become


This is my shape-shifting shadow

Shades of sunken eyes

Shower of ashes

Shelter for shrunken reality

Small and soft and silver haired and trailed

And powerful in her slowness

powerful in her slowness

Beautiful in her crooked formless form

Growing down

Into darkness and coolness

Into hardness

And then break

Break down

Break in

Into the molten core

Where I burn

Yearning to emerge deeper in

How much further down into the center can I go?

I do not know

But here we go

Down and down and down

Into the glowing embers of remembrance

Forging forgetfulness for the purpose of continuation

Hagar Harpak (she/her) is a mama of two, a kitchen witch, a storyteller, a ceremony facilitator, a yoga, meditation, and breath-work teacher, an explorer of the intersection of Mother Nature, mythology, philosophy, poetry, magic, seasons, and somatics. She’s been weaving myths into movement since 2004.

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