Take a Deep Breath, Drink Water

The "Covid caught her" edition.

Risa Dickens
Dec 2, 2023
2 min read
Photo by Christoffer Engström.

Just a quick dose of love and rest in your inbox and no extra podcast this week, because Amy left her sanctum in the woods and the Covid caught her. And so the prescription for her, and honestly for all of us, is to tend these fragile bodies.

Take inspiration from our conversation with Sarah Potter this week, who came to us well-hydrated and grounded in the power of small actions accumulating.

We Witches have important work to do here, so we can't be burning ourselves out. I think it's important to enjoy too, and to really see how multifaceted our work is. Color helps me be reminded of that. I've learned that I am far more creative and inspired when I'm taking good care of myself.

Take good care of yourself. Imagine breathing in a healing blue mist. Remember how water wears down mountains. Remember the water that we drink and let wash over us has been in all the rivers, oceans, and ancestors of Earth history. Stay hydrated. Let it soothe your eyes hot with rage and exhaustion. See it holding you. Send into the water your dreams for peace and liberation. See with the eyes of water a possible world where all bodies, all life, all children, are comforted and at ease.

The prescription is Jon Batiste:

Take a Deep Breath.
Drink Water.

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks

Thanks for your patience as we trundle and trip along.

We have to be honest with you (and with ourselves) that we are just a two-woman operation teaching ourselves how to make a podcast and manage these different projects and platforms, and we really REALLY appreciate all the grace you extend us.

Thanks to all of you who decided to become supporters and coven mates.

Thanks especially to folks who are able to join at the Community Supporter level. We feel so much love beaming through the wires every time one of you chooses that tier. Thanks for helping us include more brilliant magic-makers, and thanks to magic-makers at every level who choose to spend a little of your precious time among the Missing Witches. (This seems like an appropriate place to say: We're missing you! Join the Coven!)

Thanks to all the folks in our community who've stepped into leadership roles...

Thanks for helping conjure collaborative co-creation within our coven! Whether it's organizing Witch and Stitch hangs, Writing Groups, Ritual Soups, Gentle Stretching Classes, Tarot Classes, Artist Way working groups, or whatever else you weirdos come up with ;) it's the deepest honour and delight for us to get to learn along with you.

Sometimes when we're burnt out, we just picture ourselves floating along in your rising tide. Anyway, you're very cool and we love you.



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