I try to get my Tits out every full Moon

to flash my celestial body at hers

Glowing right back

Charging them up for the month ahead

I imagine they’re looking in a distant mirror at themselves

months in the past

and in the future

where they hang just a little lower each time

Gravity is a bitch of a thing.

Gravity is a bitch of a thing

but it keeps her in orbit

so I have to accept

that my Tits are in love with the Earth instead

star-crossed lovers closing the distance

patiently awaiting the day when we three

will nestle together in that loamy embrace

when the Moon can look back

on how perky we were in my twenties

EmJo Chaney (she/they) is some white bitch - middle age middle class middle child from the middle west - she has been writing poetry for an amount of time - she's on various social mediums but please leave her be - support her by trusting your instincts and doing the dishes.

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