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RX. All You Fascists Bound To Lose

Sometimes I need just a little more help.

By Amy Torok, Risa Dickens,

Jul 6, 2024
3 min read
Joan Jett and Kathleen Hanna, Mia Zapata, Resistance Revival Chorus

As always, the first prescription this week is to send beams of radiant light to Risa. Her surgery is coming up, and she needs all the love we can send.

Amy is joined by Holly, founder of Entrepreneur Outliers, who comes armed with a song to uplift all of us feeling fucked up over a barrage of baffling choices from SCOTUS and beyond. Holly's prescription is All You Fascists Bound To Lose - originally written by classic protest folkie Woody Guthrie - as performed by the Resistance Revival Chorus.

When you're feeling anger and sorrow, pick yourself up with this number that reminds us that sooner or later the fascists WILL lose. Sing it at the top of your lungs.

I’m gonna tell you fascists
You may be surprised
The people in this world
Are getting organized
You’re bound to lose
You fascists bound to lose

Amy's prescription also rings out with the power of people organizing against the wrongs they see in the world. She's been thinking a lot about Mia Zapata, marking the July 7th anniversary of her murder.

When Mia, lead singer of Seattle grunge band The Gits, was killed in 1993, her community rallied, and in response to their rage, fear and grief created Home Alive, an anti-violence organization that provided people with training in self-defence, and held concerts to raise money to give resources to victims of sexual violence.

In Second Skin, Mia sang:

I need that second skin
something to hold me tough
can't do it on my own
sometimes I need just a little more help

Because the thing is, we CAN'T do it on our own, and we all need just a little more help. Joan Jett and Kathleen Hanna dealt with the death of their friend by collaborating on a song called Go Home.

Give me a reason to fight
When there's nowhere to run to

Some of our favourite Drag Queens are pushing back against drag bans and their attempted silencing of queer culture and have started DragPac - a political action group whose mission is to empower LGBTQ+ voices to vote.

One of the programs run by the Black Panther Party was free breakfasts for children. Resistance comes in many forms. There are many kinds of kindness.

We are a collective, and we need to make it our job to fight those that seek to knock us down with violence and greed. Let's respond to our anger by organizing, by looking out for each other, lifting each other up, and doing whatever we can to see to it that the fascists lose until we are all safe, happy and free. Hold tough.

Blessed fucking be. We love you.

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Sex and Pleasure Magick: A Healing Space hosted by April. Thursday, Jul 11, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM EST

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