Conception, Unseen, Lilith

We are formed by particles of color.

Alisha Buoy
Mar 26, 2024
2 min read
detail from Conception by Alisha Buoy

My artwork represents the different phases of life I’ve moved through. It gives a small glimpse into my psyche from those moments of creation. Some of my work never made sense until I uncovered it many years later. There are familiar themes and stories that I was focused on or interested in at the time. These details are meant to be recognized, not hidden from the viewer, and to provoke thought and curiosity.

I’m inspired by other artists and the unique interpretations they bring to life in their work. They provide me with perspectives I never would have noticed or thought of before. Nostalgia, legends, and tales have a considerable presence in my work. They establish the themes I resonate most with and are morphed into something representing a part of me. 

Conception - My interpretation of how the creation of earth started. From nothing but black infinite space turning into a faint spark of light igniting into the birth of color. We all come from the black infinite space formed by particles of color into living beings, equal in all ways. 

Conception by Alisha Buoy

Unseen - The unseen side of Eve and her lost story. The many misconceptions created about Eve, and her forgotten power. She holds the world in her hands to show others their truth. Adam’s truth was weakness, hers was strength.

Unseen by Alisha Buoy

Lilith - I’ve always imagined being Eve’s alter ego representing her shadow side. The dark beauty possesses beyond the confinements of her origin story told by men for men to protect their fragile egos. She can be both light and dark embodying the solar and the lunar energies. 

Lilith by Alisha Buoy

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Alisha Ashley Artist Bio:

I grew up in a small town towards Eastern Washington State and went on to get my BFA at Pacific Lutheran University. I then ended up moving across the United States to Greenville, SC, where I obtained my MA at Converse College. I’ve been living in Greenville for a little over 10 years and plan to stay around for a few more decades. I’m fortunate enough to create art in my free time, while I work my tech job. My work is currently showing at a small wellness center boutique called Raven & Moon, where I’ve found my people and new inspiration along the way.

Find me on Instagram @alisha.ashley.art and @alisha.ashley.loves

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