Witches Found Self Care

This week, Amy AND Risa get together to chat with Ayurvedic Practitioner, Beisha, about self care as we unpack Ipsita Roy Chakraverti’s answers to our questions! Online Resources From This Episode with Ayurveda Practitioner Beisha: http://www.ayurvedabeisha.com/ http://www.ayurvedamtl.com/aboutus.ht

Risa Dickens
Oct 3, 2018
3 min read
Witches Found
This week, Amy AND Risa get together to chat with Ayurvedic Practitioner, Beisha, about self care as we unpack Ipsita Roy Chakraverti’s answers to our questions!
Beisha Melissa Badilla is a Licensed Naturopath, specializing in Ayurveda.
Online Resources From This Episode with Ayurveda Practitioner Beisha:http://www.ayurvedabeisha.com/http://www.ayurvedamtl.com/aboutus.htm

Full Interview with Ipsita Roy Chakraverti:

How have your thinking and magical practice changed – if at all – since writing Beloved Witch?

I was always a strong woman, indifferent to what others thought. I felt myself to be a world unto myself. Now, it is even more so. Perhaps my knowledge of the world, which has also changed in many ways, is such that I find myself to be more and more complete. My magical practices have become more institutionalised in that there are more demands on my craft, my art and my knowledge.

We’d love to hear more of your thoughts on Arrogant Women!  And maybe how you see this idea fitting into #MeToo #TimesUp etc.  Is the Arrogant Woman finally reclaiming her time?  Is this a phase or an evolution? How has your arrogance served her thus far in life?  How can women be more arrogant?

A woman is the stronger sex. She always was—mentally and spiritually. Physically her stamina is greater. Nowadays, maybe even her sheer physical strength. So why shouldn’t she be arrogant.  I wrote in Beloved Witch, that that quality sets her at par with the Goddess. If men try to invade her dignity, sanctity and independence they will suffer in more ways than one. These current campaigns you mention, have proved that. At one time, she accepted whatever was meted out to her as her lot. No more. This is an evolution. As it should be. I have always been an arrogant woman. That is why I have not been burnt and killed in this country as yet. I live in a grossly patriarchal country. However, here the social status and personal arrogance of a woman are recognized and most of my countrymen hate me but they dare not annoy me.

How can listeners help resist ongoing witch hunts around the world?

Follow what I am saying. It won’t stop witch hunts but women will become stronger and be able  to resist injustice and invasion of body and mind.

What is your advice for novice witches?

Read ‘Beloved Witch’ and ‘Beloved Witch Returns’. Political lobbies and the press tried to boycott and wipe out the latter book when it was published but couldn’t stop it from reaching readers.

For witches who feel lonely or powerless can you share some words, a spell, a meditation?

Just a thought. ‘Be strong and follow your star’. Just as I believe in strength I believe in each person having been given a certain destiny to follow. Follow that road with wisdom and understanding. And be cheerful about it!

What is your current thinking about the nature of the power in stones, crystals, crystal skulls, the temple at Orissa, the Grand Canyon?

They are all imbued with life and I can feel it. I have spoken to the crystal skull in the British Museum and got answers.  I feel I know why the Hope Diamond at the Smithsonian is unhappy. I feel the royal family of Britain should relinquish a few jewels from its crown. The world around us is living. I can merely pick up the vibes.

How are you doing these days? What are you reading? What are you excited about?

By the grace of the Goddess I am doing good. I look fabulous. My last book, ‘Voice of the Priestess’ is breaking the charts. My enemies are crawling. I’m spending my time between India and London, where I do lectures on the subject. My Wiccan Brigade, founded by me, is planning psychic adventures. We have already covered Bhangarh in Rajasthan, the 64 Yogini Temple in Orissa, Nartiang the megalith garden in Meghalaya and the Sacred Forest. I am reading up as much as I can on the Sakta and pre-Vedic cultures of India. On the lighter side, I always go back to Winnie-the -Pooh,

Do you still bathe in rose petals?


Do you have any questions for us to consider on our podcast?

There is too much depression going around these days. Do you feel being a Wiccan, being close to Nature, being arrogant, letting things be, following your star—-can help? I think it can. Consider this.

Konark the Sun Temple at Orissa

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