Liberation Manifest: Output From The Missing Witches Coven on the New Moon

What does liberation feel like? How will you recognize it?

Amy Torok
Feb 14, 2024
4 min read
By Melissa S.

The prompt for our last meeting was:
What does the re-enchantment look like? What does liberation feel like? How will you recognize it? What will be unexpected about it? How did it get here and what did it change? What is it like to wake up and go to work in a re-enchanted, liberated world?
This is the New Moon we dedicated to the radical anti-capitalist magic of The Word in our book,
New Moon Magic: 13 Anti-Capitalist Tools for Resistance and Re-Enchantment, and for this circle, we'll invite you to wield your mighty pen to help imagine liberation. 

The output from this meeting was so fantastic, we've decided to compile it into this Zine post and share it with the world! What follows are poems and drawings created by the Missing Witches Coven during our last New Moon meeting!

From Melissa S.

Aquarius Moon Art by Melissa

From Rebekah

Body Liberation
Stretching and folding MY body in half
Releasing the secrets and 
Mysteries in my muscles
Smelling my own blood
Having a moment... a check... a beat
Releasing the old fear of 
Guarding my own gates 
Inhaling my own scent deeply

Family Liberation 
To the government that killed my family
Is the truth possible or is it buried
In decades of outdated power
My voice is possible 
Old stories do matter
That has not died 
We are his liberated voice
That is not in the grave

My liberating word from scarcity: ENOUGH
There is enough 
I am enough
Enough with these lies 
There is enough

My liberating word from male dominated heteronormitive sexuality: 
mmmmm MORE

What I wrote last night in response to the prompt of: "How will we know that the bright future is here?".

No sorrow.  As the church hymn goes, "there'll be no sorrow there, no more burdens to bear".
But does that mean I will know less love as sorrow is love as well? 
Or is it that love will be complete and sorrow obsolete? 
Perhaps if I have sorrow I am already in the bright future because I am already in love. 
The bright future is when the version of love that shows up like sorrow is shared, when our own sorrows are lighter because we are all not alone.

From Killian

I am Witch
I am plugged in
Electric body singing
Web vibrating
An imperceptible secret
Felt only by me
An interconnected weaving
The very fibers of my being
Refusing to be denied
Hidden in plain sight
Indelibly esoterically unstoppable

From Carly

Beautiful Chaos by Carly

From Vanessa

Radical Re-Enchanted Liberation

On the one Hand, almost unrecognizable

On the Other, let’s try.

We will recognize it when everyone is safe.

Every being, every insect, every rock.

When we care for our most vulnerable, we will

know it

has arrived.

It will look like cottonwood seeds dancing through the air.

It will look like the insects whose wings catch

the sun’s slanting rays at sundown.

It will look like a woman

/wearing anything she wants/

Going anywhere

She Wants.


Without fear.

I have nothing radical to say here.

And yet, it is completely radical.

by Vanessa

From Teela

When a stranger's smile
Is warmer than the sun
When my daughter
Can live without fear
When our children are safe
In public spaces
When community means more
And we can rely on each other
When people can live in harmony
Without hate and jealousy
When kindness is more important
Than appearances or status
When people can be
Whoever they want to be
And find acceptance and love
When it's normal to sing off key
And to dance in the rain
That is when I'll know
The right future Has arrived

From Jasmin

Found poetry: The kids are alright

You are responsible for your own algorithm

All pronouns are good pronouns

What’s in your wallet? 

I have 45 butterflies in my wallet

I’m neurodivergent, you’re just going to have to deal with that!

My autism is autisming

My adhd is adhding

Ableism is really everywhere? Damn

The frozen soundtrack really slaps

What if we had to do school outside? Shut up you’ll jinx it!

I wanna fight you in the parking lot, as a joke

I want to ask that person out…do you think they like the same pokemon as me?

I actually learned something today

The Berlin wall…was a wall…in Berlin…

Can you love more than one person?

Can I like…change my mind?

Can I go home? I’m kind of done today y’know?People shouldn’t be houseless when there’s rich people down the street

Home come asparagus is like 10 bucks?

What would you do if you were a zombie?

It’s like I get you, y’know? You get me too

I feel like I want to hibernate

Hey look it’s sunny out!

Can everyone just shut the fuck up? She’s talkin!

See you tomorrow?

Thank you so much for everything you've done for me. I will never

forget you, I would not be where I am without you. I will still keep

in touch with you over email, maybe sometime we could go out to eat or

something. Thank you again.

From Deb

The future told me, “We live now in a healing you couldn’t imagine, but one that grew from your seeds.”

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