Moon Day Dreamings: Masculinities Shifting

I insist on honouring my hopeful imaginings, not just my dystopian ones.

Risa Dickens
May 8, 2023
2 min read
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Photo by Kiwihug

On the recent full moon/last eclipse in Scorpio for two decades I was surprised by the behaviours of men around me.

One friend had dinner with a father she’s only heard from sporadically throughout his life, and another for the first time in twenty years. Most surprisingly of all, both went well.

My own father called out of the blue. Our conversations are rare, and he also, uncharacteristically, was feeling financially stable. With all the mental health that goes along with that.

A friend's younger brother embraced me for the first time, he too seemed somehow at ease.

I woke in the morning after our full moon coven meeting and the first words in my mind, somewhere between dream and awake, were "I love my life." How strange not to wake with a nameless anxiety.

And so I imagine (and I insist on honouring my hopeful imaginings and not just my dystopian ones) that we are - by the thinnest of tendrils - finally, almost, maybe beginning to reach each other with the message: “I want you to be ok too”.

This revolution (as is “this turning”) is for all our wellness.

As Chrystal Toop taught us (in the conversation about Indigenous Futurism that comes out on the Missing Witches podcast this Thursday): “Everyone belongs in the circle”.

Let's craft, conjure, and code systems to make this all-the-way-real: You belong, you are cared for, we learn from your perspective, and we help carry the weight together so none of us are crushed by It All.

Broken patriarch, tired out from the terror of wondering when everyone will realize that you don't know it all, can't do it all: this revolution is for your homecoming too. Come into the circle of protection along with all those who have been terrorized by systems that didn't have this ethic at their heart: I want you to be ok too. Everyone belongs.  

I want you to be ok too. Everyone belongs.

We have been figuring it out in conversations, working on our own damned, damaged selves, our masculinities, our femininities, and the parts of ourselves that exceed binary.

We’re being gentle and curious and loving with ourselves and our loved ones as best we can, each within our constraints and capacities. And, I imagine, I dream, I declare in the face of fucking fascists and dominionists, it’s working.

We will demand, regulate, and craft not just equitable systems, but loving systems.

We will write them in, vote for them, and be in the streets for them.

We are calling love out. We are singing down the Great Big Dreams: an end to poverty, a global community dedicated to the great “each other” of the entire earth.

I wrote this draft as the sun went down on Sun Day. I spent the day balanced between power tools and fairylands. I love my life. I am stumbling toward a balance.

I'm going to make myself publish this today, not polish and perfect it out of existence. These are my Moon Day dreamings.

What are yours?

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