Moon Magic

Focusing on our beautiful friend in the night sky.

EP 134 WF – In The Grey Together: Step Into A New Moon Circle With The Missing Witches Coven

Today we invite you into our monthly New Moon coven meeting. Our special guest Yvonne Aburrow — author of “All Acts of Love and Pleasure: Inclusive Wicca” and other brilliant books — opens and closes our circle, and we dig into questions of spiritual transition and making safe spaces for


EP 78 – Hunger Moon w Amy & Risa: Please Expand

In this episode, Amy and Risa discuss Moon Rituals, Faith, Patience, and take a look back at three years of Missing Witches – from idea to podcast to book (Missing Witches THE BOOK available for pre-order now, in stores March 23rd). PLUS we almost entirely forget to mention that a new season o


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