Coven Invites

Nov New Moon Invitation: Spells of Distortion, Spells of Liberation 8PM ET.

Let's help each other identify the distortions that surround us.

Risa Dickens
Nov 10, 2023
2 min read
Photo by Adam Bignell / Unsplash

We are approaching American Thanksgiving, so yes, let’s be rooted in gratitude but also Thanksgiving makes me think about how culture can work like spells in daily life, adding layers to distort awkward, painful truths like so much gravy. So let's come together to help each other identify the distortions that might surround us. I'm thinking everything from the spells of nationalism to the gaslighting of shitty exes. If you've experienced a controlling person or system that bent or weighted your thinking or controlled what you thought you were capable of then we invite you to share what you learned. What do you look for? What are those spells, those glamours, those egregores out there in the world and how do you recognize them, what are their tells, what do those kinds of control magic feel like?

On the flip side, what are your spells for protecting yourself from high-control systems? What are the tactics, the social spells, the interpersonal spells that we can put at the heart of our Missing Witches Coven so that we de-hierarchize our systems and empower each other towards more liberation? That’s the question on the table for the circle. Love you soon!

PS - Zoom info is available below for coven members who are logged in, or you can find it in our coven Circle as well, under Coven Events! BFB!

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