The Best Magic + Witch Classes Online

According to the Missing Witches Coven.

Risa Dickens
Nov 10, 2023
3 min read

Among the 200+ people from all over the world who have joined the Missing Witches Coven, we have a running conversation about the best witchcraft-related classes online. So we made you a list! These are classes in Tarot, magical activism, ritual work, sigil crafting, traditional magics, modern magick, and so much more.

These are magic and witchcraft classes that science-loving, trans-inclusive, anti-racist witches and practitioners have taken and recommend, so we think it's an incredible start for journeying down these weird roads.

This is a work in progress, of course, the world is wide and we're bound to be missing things. If you want to write us a heartfelt referral based on your own experience, please send it to

Ylva Mara Radziszewski | Melissa Madara | Starhawk | Pam Grossman | Paris Marion | Nick Dickinson | Sarah Faith Gotessdiener | Janaka Stuckey | Laura Tempest Zakroff

Starhawk ( coven members recommend her magical activism and permaculture courses.  

Dakota St. Clare ( coven members recommend their classes, especially for beginner witchcraft.

Melissa Madara ( coven members recommend their courses on the poison path and the green path.

Benebell Wen coven members recommend the wealth of free courses on her website, especially her Introduction to Chinese Occultism.

Ylva Mara Radziszewski ( coven members recommend their courses on learning how to be a community witch.

Sarah Faith Gottesdiener ( coven members recommend her lunar magic and Tarot classes.

Danielle Dulsky ( coven members recommend her classes on wild witchcraft and poetry/writing.

Jack Grayle ( coven members recommend his course on Hekate.

Elise Oursa ( coven members recommend their courses on tarot, healing, art, magic.

Camelia Elias ( witches recommend their courses on tarot.

Adela Lavine ( coven members recommend her courses on psychic development.

Paris Marion aka Bossy Bruja ( coven members recommend her app for ongoing classes and ritual work.

Pam Grossman ( coven members recommend her for classes that combine history, science, literature, and ritual.

Janaka Stuckey ( coven members recommend taking classes with him for the power of his guided meditations.

Laura Tempest Zakroff ( coven members recommend her online sigil class in particular.

Nick Dickinson ( + for Greek folk magic and modern craft.

Heather Darby-Demarco ( for crafting meaningful rituals.

Zoe Flowers ( for tarot and ritual magic classes rooted in transformational justice.

Briana Saussy ( for crone and ancestor workings.

Jason Miller ( for practical magic.

We also have to acknowledge that having the disposable income to take a class is definitely out of reach for many people (count us among them most of the time, no shame.) Please take courage! Many of the magic-makers on this list have free newsletters or podcasts in which they offer valuable tools and insights. Also, that's why we created Coven Organized Events within The Missing Witches Coven (which you can join at the Scholarship level for under $10 A YEAR.) We get together in the coven and collaboratively teach and learn within a great spectrum of ages and backgrounds and it's getting to be quite awesome! Would be even better if you joined us ;) So there's that plug.

Also, here's a song recommended by our coven mate Sarah to remind us all about the power in learning from kids, and learning from play: No Bitterness. (You're allowed to be bitter of course, feel your feels! 😂❤️)

Camelia Elias | Jack Grayle | Zoe Flowers | Jason Miller | Danielle Dulsky | Dakota St. Clare | Danielle Dulsky | Adela Lavine | Heather Darby-Demarco

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