Reparations Fundraiser 2023

This year, the Missing Witches Coven returned $10 230.00 to our local indigenous community support orgs - $4407 of which went directly to the Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal.

By Amy Torok, Risa Dickens,

Apr 28, 2023
7 min read
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Update: Our 2023 Fundraiser is closed and here are the results:

This year, the Missing Witches Coven returned $10 230.00 (that’s right, over TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS - almost DOUBLE what we raised last year) to our local indigenous community support orgs - $4407 of which went directly to the Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal. The raffle prize winners have been notified! HUGE love and gratitude to everyone who made this year’s fundraiser a smashing success - prize donors, money donors, WE LOVE YOU!!!!! See you next year!!

1. Make a donation of $10 or more to your local Native Women’s Shelter or Indigenous Support Org or DONATE to the Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal.  

2. Take a screen shot of your receipt and email it to with the subject line: REPARATION

3. Be entered to win fabulous prizes (full 2023 list below).  

4.  Automatically receive a digital coupon book with discounts from our favourite Witchy Businesses!!!

Choose a local org or DONATE to the Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal

It’s May!  That means it’s time for our annual fundraiser in support of First Nations women.  As always, Risa and Amy will be contributing our profits for the month of May to support the Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal.

In addition, we’re asking our community to make a donation/reparation.  We know that most of you are coming to us from the United States, so, wherever you are, we encourage you to find a local Native Women’s Shelter to support.  (some places don’t have First Nations specific orgs so we’ll also accept donations to shelters for vulnerable women and children, sex workers, or victims of violence, but we would appreciate a focus on support of indigenous people.)

This year, we’ve got more than twenty prizes,  thousands of dollars worth of classes, art, jewellery, readings, books and more donated by our Coven at large, just waiting to be yours.  Full list of prizes below.  

SO here’s what you’re gonna do...  

Make your donation of ten dollars or more.  Take a screenshot of your receipt and email it to with the subject line REPARATION, what country you’re in, plus the amount of your donation.  The amount is important because for every $10, you’ll get one entry into the raffle for these prizes.  So if you donate $50, you’ll get five entries, and so on.  Winners will be chosen at random and announced on June first.  Plus everyone who donates will automatically get discount codes from our favourite witchy businesses - Haus Witch and The Death Witch!

As always, this fundraiser is an experiment, so if you think it’s a cool idea, PLEASE help us make it successful by making a small reparation to First Nations women who have been systematically marginalized and disenfranchised both socially and economically.  Let’s raise some real money, make real change, and be blown away by what we can do when we work together.

Be entered to win prizes like a beautiful weaving by Witch Weave

Prizes 2023

Winners will be selected at random and notified on June first, 2023. (Please note, as with everything in this life, this list is subject to change.)


Intro to Poetry + The Bardo + The Winter Crossroads

A year in three creative cauldrons, including...

1. A Poetry Practice, Introduction to Poetry, Summer 2023, taught by Kate Belew.A four-session poetry talk on craft. Together, we'll explore poetry through a holistic lens. We’ll discuss what poetry is, examine entry points into creating a poetry practice, and explore imagination, music and rhythm, narrative in poetry, and structure.

2. The Bardo, Fall 2023, hosted by Kate Belew and taught by various authors, poets, and facilitators. The Bardo is a seven-week, thirteen-session writing program for Storytellers looking to express themselves through the art of writing.

3. The Winter Crossroads, Winter 2024, taught by Kate Belew and Kristin Lisenby. A five-week creative coven with weekly gatherings, rituals, prompts, folklore, and stories about the winter witches, their potent plants, and the poison path. Explore the crossroads, the realm of these stories, the liminal where magic is made.

Valued at: $1,400

Donated by Kate Belew and Kristin Lisenby <3


A prize pack of merch from Jinkx Monsoon!!

The Magic Circles Workshop by Pam Grossman!!

Classes taught by Julia Skinner of Root Kitchens!!

A personal 45 Minute, 5 card tarot reading with Sarah Faith Gottesdiener!!

Palma is offering one of four options for this winner of 1 custom made silver amulet!!  

1: Silver ring with heart-shaped stone of watery pink variety lab sapphire, size 7.5.
OR 2: Silver earrings tipped with carved genuine pink coral in the shape of roses and tension backings. OR 3: Large antiqued silver pendant with a silver-brown pietersite stone in the center. This stone exhibits "labradorescence": the play of color found in labradorite where colors, and even patterns, in the stone appear to shift and move when light shines upon it. OR 4: Dainty silver pendant with a cushion-cut green peridot in the center, 2 small diamond accents above it (set in a light gold plating). Estimated value: $300-$700. NOTE: the winner of this prize will be responsible for shipping costs.

THREE winners will receive a one-hour session with Granddaughter Crow!!

Original watercolors inspired by Anne Tsing's The Mushroom At The End Of The World.Medium: Winsor & Newton watercolors on Arches paper. Dimensions: 5" x 7" each (unframed) painted and provided by Melissa Wang.  Estimated Value: $150-175 each!!

Dawn The Kitchen Witch from Cucina Aurora Kitchen Witchery offers her winner a gift basket of Kitchen Witchy goodies, including signed copies of both of her books!!

A Bone-Throwing divination with Angela The Heartwise Woman!!

From Michelle Pajak-Reynolds, a $100 gift card towards any in-stock jewellery item on her website,!!

James Davis will teach a weaving class over Zoom!!

Felicity Roberts offers a foraging and cooking workshop over Zoom!!

One of two 45 minute astrology consultations with Ki Martinez!!

Natal Chart Reading 45 minutes (valued at $75). Using a mix of traditional and modern approaches we’ll unravel and reintegrate the different elements of your natal chart to reflect realizations and insight back to you – moving you into greater alignment with yourself and surroundings. OR

Saturn Return Reading 45 minutes (valued at $75). For people with Saturn in Aquarius or Saturn in Pisces natally. Whether you’re stepping across the threshold into your Saturn return and don’t know what to expect, or you’ve stepped out of the Saturn return realm and want context for what just happened – we’ll look at charts related to your Saturn placement to see what experiences Saturn is asking you to step in to.

A 5-Pack of handmade, super witchy Greeting Cards from Hannah Lewis!!

Tamara The Acupunktrix is offering a sound bath experience!!

An Animal Communication Session with Amy Wild of Spectral Communications (you will have the opportunity to ask questions and exchange messages with an animal friend who is alive or has crossed over)!!

Ash Yezuita offers Intuitive Co-created Tarot Reading!!

From Sarah Beck: One copy of the children's picture book The Tarot Deck Mess and one copy of the companion major arcana mini deck, My First Tarot!!

The Tarot Deck Mess: An Introduction to the Major Arcana is a divinatory primer for children. This illustrated picture book uses easy to remember poetry, strong affirmations, and kid friendly design to guide young readers through the Fool’s journey card by card.

Acting as both a gentle intro for kids and a helpful reminder for parents, The Tarot Deck Mess creates an opportunity to include your little ones in your tarot practice in a way that’s child-centered and inspirational.

My First Tarot is a 22 card major arcana tarot deck for kids. Acting as a companion deck to The Tarot Deck Mess, symbols and images appear on each card that reference and reinterpret well known tarot artwork in a child-centered and modern way.

From Ritual Herb: a gift box including three items for magic & ritual:  1. Hekate oil (for anointing, blessing ritual tools, connecting with the chthonic realms, embodiment) - 10ml2. Insight essence (poisonous plant & stone essence blend) - 1/2 oz3. Ancestor incense (loose, self-burning) - 1.35 oz.  Detailed descriptions can be found on their etsy shop.

Heather Darby-DeMarco, Head Witch of Wild Moon Charm School, Medium and Psychic Intuitive offers Medium Reading: Hear from Your Beloved Dead "Our beloved dead are closer than we think. In this session, I tune into the folks from your life that have passed away and mediate their impressions and messages for you in a 30-minute reading."

Rachel Sclare of Witch Weave offers one lucky winner a hand woven piece which can be used an an altar cloth or hung as wall art. (pictured above)

Plus, EVERYONE WHO DONATES will receive discount codes from HAUS WITCH and THE DEATH WITCH!!  You can't lose!



1. Make a donation of $10 or more to your local Native Women’s Shelter or Indigenous Support Org or DONATE to the Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal.  

2. Take a screen shot of your receipt and email it to with the subject line: REPARATION.

3. Be entered to win fabulous prizes.  

4.  Automatically receive a digital coupon book with discounts from our favourite Witchy Businesses!!!

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