Rituals and Spells

Consider this an evolving spellbook written by real Witches who share their stories of love spells, money manic, shadow work and more.

EP 155 Lammas 2022: Panel For CHOICE with Iyalosa Olaomi Akalatunde aka GOT2BOSHUN and Mackenzie Ni Flainn Mackenzie and Olaomi

“Our connection to the universe cannot be combated.” – Olaomi CW: laughter, tears, rage. Today we gather to invoke an idea that Dr. Beverly Smith shared with us in the past: A conversation can be a protection spell. May this conversation be a spell of Protection for all those pushe

EP 83 WF Dr Julia Skinner – Collaborate With These Beings That Have Been Waiting To Support You

In this episode Risa talks with Dr Julia Skinner of Root Kitchens about fermentation, alewives, Cerridwen and the brew of knowledge, the framing of women and women’s work, and the meditational and transcendent potential in collaborating with the vast universe of beings that live with us, in us


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